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The Most Popular Cat Breeds

Cats are fantastic pets and have share a close relationship with us humans for thousands of years now. Breeding has seen various types of cat become popular with various factors usually playing into breeding.

Appearance, temperament and energy levels tend to be the most notable attributes that prospective cat owners consider before acquiring a cat, which has led to many breeds fitting into each of these categories. This makes cats accessible to many different people, from large energetic families to a quiet and insular individual.

The personal situation of any would-be owner can also play into deciding on a breed of cat, which is another reason we have so many breeds available to us, as is how easy or hard maintenance for the cat is too.

Check out some of the most popular cat breeds and see what makes them favourites for cat lovers:-

Euro Shorthair Cat
Euro Short Hair

American Shorthair

You really can’t go wrong with the American Shorthair. Friendly, laid-back, and low-maintenance, there is a reason this is one of the most popular breeds of cat!

Great for families, the American Shorthair is notably cool when interacting with other animals including dogs, which is great for animal-lovers looking to add a cat to their roster. They also look fantastic, with an elegant coat and handsome face that is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts.

In terms of health issues, there is no need to worry about diseases or illness with this breed, as the traditionally live long and healthy lives.

Maine Coon
Maine Coon with Lion’s Cut

Maine Coon

Notable for being one of the bigger breed of cats, the Main Coon is one of the quintessential American cats. It was bred in the US originally as a hunter that could stand the harsh environments like severe colds.

Today, this feline is commonly referred to as a ‘gentle giant’ due to its friendly nature, making them great with young children. They have gorgeous long coats and can be instantly recognise thanks to their bushy tails and tufted ears. Their coats will require a fair amount of maintenance, but the Main Coons natural love of water makes bathing and grooming pretty easy.

Persian Cats are loved
Persian Cat


Originating in present day Iran which was once known as Persia, the Persian breed of cat can be immediately identified thanks to their unique appearance. A flat face is further emphasised by the all-round odd features including striking eyes has made Persians not only notable cats, but popular ones too.

Moreover, Persians are a one of the friendliest cats out there as well as being calm and collected – a hallmark of any good cat breed. They prefer to be kept indoors which is ideal for anyone living in an apartment, but their coats understandably need a fair bit of grooming.

This is a popular breed due to its elegant appearance as well as its friendly demeanour and easy temperament.


Ragdolls got their name for the rather amusing way they react to being picked up – the go limp like a ragdoll!

Other than that very cute characteristic, Ragdolls are known for their beautiful big blue eyes and generally loving nature. They are so affectionate to their owners that they usually follow them around the home, which makes sense considering they were bred to be companion cats.