Petsmart Hotel

Petsmart hotel is an amazing service that offers day care along with overnight stays for pets that include cats and dogs. This is great for any owns who are going on holiday or have commitments that mean they need to leave their pet unattended. Some younger pets are not ready to be left alone, making the Petsmart Pet Hotel ideal for many different situations. The care and attention provided at Petsmart Hotel is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure their pets get plenty of time and attention while they are away.

Dog Atrium RoomsThe Atrium Rooms are designed to be comfortable and accommodating for the canine. It includes a comfortable bed and a lot of space to stretch out
Dog SuiteDog Suite is an upgrade to the Dog Atrium. It includes a spacious, private and furnished room with a comfy bed, a Poochy Cot and a TV tune to pet favored shows
Doggy Day CampIncludes supervised play with friends. For the safety of all pets, campers are screened for group play
Kitty CottageCats can curl up in comfort and privacy of their own Kitty Cottage, or felines from the same family can stay in cottages with connecting doors. Each kitty area is furnished and includes a TV tuned to stimulating programs to keep the curious cats entertained. In Addition, all kitty cottages include plenty of TLC time
Fun Filled DOG Stays
Overnight Rates
Dog Atrium Room$31
Dog Suite $41
Doggie Day Camp
(with overnight stay)
Day Rates
Day Care
(with Atrium Room)
Doggie Day Camp$21
Half Day Doggie Day Camp (up to 6 hrs)$15
Fun-Filled CAT Stays
Overnight Rates
Kitty Cottage$20
Day Rate
Kitty Cottage$13
Bunk with a Friend
Each additional pet from the same family boarded in the same room will receive $5 off each night's stay
Play It Your Way.

All PetsHotel overnight stays include:
-comfy bed
-daily walks for dogs
-Individualized TLC time for cats
-Also choose additions from A la Carte menu
A la Carte Services:
Snack KongKong toy packed with tasty treat
Treat timeIncludes lactose-free soft-serve ice cream with side of doggie biscuits
Group PlaytimeHalf hour supervised fun with other dogs. Dogs are screened for group play.
Individual Playtimeone-on-one time with Pet Care Specialist
Pet Packages
Double PlayDouble pet's playtime fun with two sessions instead of one in the morning and afternoon
Bizzy BundleIncludes one Treat Time, one Snack Kong and a group playtime.
Snack 'n PlayIncludes one Treat Time, one Snack Kong and two Group play times.
Play It Your Way
Dog Packages & A la Carte Services
Bizzy Bundle $10
Double Play$12
Exit Bath
(coat restrictions apply)
Group Playtime Session$7
Individual Playtime$9
(per pet, per day; no injections
Nail Trim$9
Snack Kong$4
Snack 'n Play $16
Treat Time$4
An Overnight Success
Check-Out and Extended Care
For Overnight guests, check-out time is 12pm. We offer extended care for overnight guests checking out after 12pm
Dogs $16

Petsmart Pet Hotel Accommodation Types

There is a fair few types of accommodation on offer, with Petsmart Hotel prices being very reasonable for anyone looking for a high standard of care for their pet.

Dog Atrium Room – The perfect room for any dog, the dog atrium rooms offers a comfortable bed for your dog, along with plenty of space for movement.

Dog Suit – The next level I accommodation for dogs, these rooms are of an amazing standard. The rooms have plenty of space along with lots of furnisher that is perfect for a dog, such as comfy bed, a special cot and even a TV with perfectly suited shows for dogs to tune into.

Doggy Day Camp – Provides an area for dogs to play and interact with one another. All dogs needs to go through a screening process for the safety of the other canines for group play.

Kitty Cottage – The ideal selection for cats staying at the Petsmart Pet Hotel, you will struggle to find a better suited room for any feline friends. Cats can enjoy furnished areas with a TV for them to zone into. They also receive play time and interaction with the staff at Petsmart hotel, and can even share the rooms with cats from the same family.

Petsmart Hotel Prices for Dogs

The going rates for Petsmart Hotel prices are very affordable, and considering all of the great services on offer, they are more than worth their value. Looking to add another dog? Every pet from the same family with received $5 off their fee for all overnight stays. – Refer to Price Tables above

Petsmart Hotel Prices for Cats

Overnight stays in the Kitty College cost just $20, with day rates costing only $13! These prices are very reasonable, and a great reason for cat owners to use the Petsmart Hotel. Got more than one cat? All pets staying overnight from the same family will receive $5 off accommodation for each additional pet.

What is included in an Overnight Stay at Petsmart Pet Hotel?

Petsmart Hotel isn’t just a place for your cat or dog to stay for the day, it offers a lot more than just a bed – although the beds are very comfy! Overnight stays include a meal, a daily walk for the dogs, and some individual play time for the cats.

Ala Carte Services

Just like any good hotel, Petsmart Pet Hotel has a range of services that you can purchase for a little extra; these are a great way to make your pets stay that bit more luxurious. – Refer to Price Tables above

Pet Packages

Enjoy packages full of great treats for your dog so they can enjoy their stay even more so. This will allow them to have a lot more fun and exert even more energy allowing them to get a good night’s sleep!

Double Play – The dogs receives two playtimes throughout the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon for only $12.

Bizzy Bundle – Combines some great Ala catre services, including one treat time, one snack kong and on group playtime session all for the great price of $10.

Snack n’ Play – another combination package, this time containing one treat time, one snack kong and two group play times.

 Check-Out and Extended Care

Any pets staying overnight in the Petsmart Hotel are usually required to check-out at 12pm. This allows us to extend our care for pets that are checking out after 12pm. For only $16 for dogs and $12 for cats, it offers the chance for owners to have a little more time to organise picking up their furry friends!