PetSmart Hotel: Services, Prices, Cleanliness & FAQs

Are you planning a vacation or trip, but worried about leaving your furry friend behind? Worry no more! PetSmart Hotels offer a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for your pets while you’re away much like the Petco boarding options. With customizable services, affordable prices, and a variety of accommodations, your pet will have a fantastic time. Let’s dive into the PetSmart Hotel experience!

  • PetSmart Hotels offer comfortable & entertaining accommodation for dogs and cats, with customizable packages and add-ons.
  • Safety & cleanliness are prioritized through daily cleaning, sanitization systems, calming scents etc.
  • Customers appreciate the services offered by PetSmart Hotels but experiences may vary based on location.

The PetSmart Hotel Experience

A cozy room in the PetSmart Hotel, complete with a comfortable bed and toys for your furry friend.


PetSmart Hotels are designed to provide a safe and comfortable boarding option for your pets. This goes beyond the typical pet sitting you might expect from your friend or neighbor. With over 70 locations spread across 24 states, finding a convenient spot for your pet’s stay is a breeze. They offer 24/7 veterinary care, in-house food options, and a variety of accommodations for your pets during their Petsmart lodging stay..

The staff is safety certified, ensuring that your pets are in good hands and pets safe during their pet boarding stay.

Dog Atrium RoomsThe Atrium Rooms are designed to be comfortable and accommodating for the canine. It includes a comfortable bed and a lot of space to stretch out
Dog SuiteDog Suite is an upgrade to the Dog Atrium. It includes a spacious, private and furnished room with a comfy bed, a Poochy Cot and a TV tune to pet favored shows
Doggy Day CampIncludes supervised play with friends. For the safety of all pets, campers are screened for group play
Kitty CottageCats can curl up in comfort and privacy of their own Kitty Cottage, or felines from the same family can stay in cottages with connecting doors. Each kitty area is furnished and includes a TV tuned to stimulating programs to keep the curious cats entertained. In Addition, all kitty cottages include plenty of TLC time

Accommodations for Dogs

Dog owners look no further! If you are wondering, “Does Petsmart board dogs?” the answer is yes! PetSmart Hotels offer two types of accommodations for your canine companions – Dog Atrium Rooms, dog boarding kennels, and Dog Suites. The Dog Suites provide a more luxurious experience, featuring a raised bed, a TV playing pet-friendly shows, and connecting doors for multiple pets from the same family. This ensures that your dog has a comfortable and entertaining stay while you’re away.

Fun Filled DOG Stays
Overnight Rates
Dog Atrium Room$31
Dog Suite $41
Doggie Day Camp
(with overnight stay)
Day Rates
Day Care
(with Atrium Room)
Doggie Day Camp$21
Half Day Doggie Day Camp (up to 6 hrs)$15

It should be noted that dog boarding costs may vary based on your needs. For dogs that love socializing and doggie ice cream, PetSmart Hotels also offers Doggie Day Camp, where pups can have fun, interact with other dogs, and enjoy a safe, supervised environment. This way, your furry friend can have a blast during their overnight stay and make new friends along the way.

Accommodations for Cats

Cats are not left out at PetSmart Hotels, where pets stay in comfort. This is no mere cat sitting service from an unqualified cat sitter. They offer separate kitty cottages, ensuring a stress-free environment away from the doggy guests. These cozy accommodations provide a comfortable space for your feline friends at the kitty cottage, with attentive staff providing one-on-one time to keep them happy.

Fun-Filled CAT Stays
Overnight Rates
Kitty Cottage$20
Day Rate
Kitty Cottage$13

For families with two cats or more, PetSmart Hotels have adjoining door options in the kitty cottages, allowing your cats to stay together in a familiar and comfortable setting. Rest assured that as a cat owner that your feline family members will be well-cared for during their stay.

PetSmart Hotel Pricing

A PetSmart Hotel room with a bed and a TV for a pet's overnight stay
Petsmart hotel near me

Prices for PetSmart Hotel stays vary based on room type and additional services. Overnight stays for dogs start at around $15, while cat stays start at $20. However, extra fees may apply for services like exit baths and nail trims, which cost $11 and $9, respectively. But that is what you can expect as the average cost of pet hotel extras.

Play It Your Way
Dog Packages & A la Carte Services
Bizzy Bundle $10
Double Play$12
Exit Bath
(coat restrictions apply)
Group Playtime Session$7
Individual Playtime$9
(per pet, per day; no injections
Nail Trim$9
Snack Kong$4
Snack 'n Play $16
Treat Time$4

PetSmart Hotels aim to provide a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets, ensuring that both you and your pet can enjoy a stress-free experience without breaking the bank. You’ll never feel as though you are leaving your best friend at a cheap dog hotel or kitty hotel.

Bunk with a Friend
Each additional pet from the same family boarded in the same room will receive $5 off each night's stay

Customizable Services and Add-Ons

A PetSmart Hotel room with a snack kong and a bizzy bundle for a pet's individual playtime

PetSmart Hotels offer various customizable packages (silver, gold, and platinum) to enhance your pet’s stay. These packages include different levels of playtime and snack activities, allowing you to tailor your pet’s experience according to their needs and your budget.

An Overnight Success
Check-Out and Extended Care
For Overnight guests, check-out time is 12pm. We offer extended care for overnight guests checking out after 12pm
Dogs $16

Play It Your Way.

All PetsHotel overnight stays include:
-comfy bed
-daily walks for dogs
-Individualized TLC time for cats
-Also choose additions from A la Carte menu
A la Carte Services:
Snack KongKong toy packed with tasty treat
Treat timeIncludes lactose-free soft-serve ice cream with side of doggie biscuits
Group PlaytimeHalf hour supervised fun with other dogs. Dogs are screened for group play.
Individual Playtimeone-on-one time with Pet Care Specialist
Pet Packages
Double PlayDouble pet's playtime fun with two sessions instead of one in the morning and afternoon
Bizzy BundleIncludes one Treat Time, one Snack Kong and a group playtime.
Snack 'n PlayIncludes one Treat Time, one Snack Kong and two Group play times.

The silver package provides various options for playtime. It offers 4 hours of group play or 30 minutes of individual time, plus a snack Kong thrown in as a bonus. The gold package includes 8 hours of play or 60 minutes of individual playtime, along with a snack activity. For the ultimate pampering, the platinum package consists of 8 hours of play, a snack activity, and a homecoming bath for your pet.

In addition to these packages, you can also purchase add-ons such as spa packages, group or one-on-one playtime, and premium kennel upgrades to make your pet’s stay even more luxurious, without worrying about additional fees.

Safety and Cleanliness Measures

A PetSmart Hotel room with a group playtime for a pet's safety and entertainment
Doggy Day Care Prices Near Me

PetSmart Hotels prioritize pet safety and cleanliness to ensure a comfortable and secure environment for your furry friends. They require all pets to have up-to-date vaccinations and do not allow pets that are too young or have visible parasites. It is each owner’s responsibility to ensure their furry friend is in overall good health before their hotel visit.

Cleanliness is a top priority for PetSmart Hotels. They ensure daily cleaning and sanitization of the rooms and suites, providing a safe and hygienic environment for your pets. Additionally, PetSmart Hotels utilize PetAirapy UV air purification systems, specifically designed for animals, to protect them from germs and allergens.

Species-specific ventilation systems and calming scents are also employed to create a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere for your pets during their stay. With these safety and cleanliness measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are well taken care of, including protection against feline viral rhinotracheitis.

Bringing Your Own Food and Supplies

A PetSmart Hotel room with a pet's own food and supplies

PetSmart Hotels allow pet owners to bring their own food, bedding, and toys for their pets during their stay. This helps create a familiar environment for your pet and can prevent any potential health issues that may arise from a sudden change in their diet.

Bring your pet’s medication in its original container. Make sure the label is still attached. Although bedding and toys are optional, providing these personal items can enhance your pet’s comfort and make their stay feel more like home.

Socialization and Playtime Options

A PetSmart Hotel room with a doggie day camp and one on one time for a pet's entertainment

PetSmart Hotels cater to the socialization preferences of different pets by offering a variety of playtime options. They provide group playtime as well as one-on-one sessions with staff, ensuring that your pet has a fun and engaging experience during their stay.

For pets that enjoy interacting with others, group playtime is available in certain packages. Pets that prefer individual attention can enjoy up to 30 minutes of one-on-one fun with staff members.

Moreover, PetSmart Hotels feature indoor play areas that are open for up to 8 hours, allowing your pets to socialize, play, and stay entertained throughout the day. Doggie Day Camp is another option for scheduled playtime sessions and added fun for your furry friend.

User Reviews and Experiences

Overall, PetSmart Hotels receive positive feedback from users. Many pet owners praise the following aspects of the hotels:

  • Cleanliness
  • Variety of pet boarding services
  • Attentive care from staff
  • Affordable packages and add-ons

These factors provide a great value for the price.

However, it’s important to note that experiences may vary based on location and individual staff members. Some customers have reported communication issues and varying employee ratings. That said, the majority of pet owners are satisfied with the PetSmart Hotel experience and the care provided for their pets.


In conclusion, PetSmart Hotels offer a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for your pets while you’re away. Rest assured that safety certified associates provide all the love and care your furry friend will require. With a variety of accommodations, customizable services, and affordable prices, you can ensure a comfortable and engaging experience for your furry friends. So, go ahead and plan that much-needed vacation, knowing that your pets are in good hands at the PetSmart Hotel! If for some reason you have to cancel your stay at the last minute be sure to review the PetSmart hotel cancellation policy so you can ensure there won’t be any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a pet hotel have?

Pet hotels typically offer overnight accommodations and dog daycare facilities, as well as Atrium rooms, suites and luxury packages with extra amenities. In addition to dog boarding, dogs can also attend Doggie Day Camp to socialize, exercise and play under the supervision of caring staff.

How much does a pet hotel cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of a pet hotel in Los Angeles ranges from $20 – $50 per night, depending on the quality of service and amenities provided. So you can find the perfect place for your pet that meets your budget!

How many PetsHotel locations are there?

There are 70 PetsHotel locations in 24 states across the United States.

What are the requirements for my pet to stay in PetSmart Hotel?

To stay at PetSmart Hotel, your pet must be at least four months old and have up-to-date vaccinations, including distemper, parvovirus, Bordetella, FVR, calicivirus, and rabies vaccines.

Pet information, medication forms, and vaccination forms are also required.

Does PetSmart Pet Hotel Have Cameras?

PetSmart is staffed 24/7 so there are no camera feeds. The hotel manager will come in for emergencies and ensures all the animals receive the care they need.

Can I bring my own food and supplies for my pet’s stay?

Yes, you can bring your pet’s own food, bedding, and toys so they feel comfortable during their stay.

This will help them adjust to their new environment and make them feel more at home.

PetSmart Hours of Operation

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