Maltese Haircuts

Maltese dogs make fantastic companion pets. They are incredibly loving, fun and playful, and simply look gorgeous. The fact they are small, manageable and even appreciate smaller and enclosed spaces, they have become particularly popular amongst residents of apartments. One of the most notable aspects surrounding this breed of dog is their pristine white coat, which is an allure for many looking for an attractive dog. Thanks to this gorgeous coat of hair, Maltese haircuts are very popular and pretty varied too, with many owners regularly changing the cut and style of their pets.

Depending on what you are looking for from your pet, there are several options when getting a Maltese haircut. Many buy a Maltese with the intention of grooming it to perfection and there are many styles that can help achieve this. Others simply want something easy to manage that makes general upkeep for a Maltese down thanks to their lack of shedding. No matter what the intention is for the Maltese haircut there are enough choices out there to suit everyone.

The Puppy Cut

The Puppy Cut

Perhaps one of the most popular and common of all Maltese haircuts, you cannot go wrong with a puppy cut. While the coat of a Maltese is unquestionably gorgeous, especially when allowed to grow out, taking the length of the coat down not only allows to dog to look as cute as ever, but it lovers maintenance for grooming too.

The puppy cut involves taking the coat down to a very short length all over to as short as a ¼ inch or a ½.  With this Maltese haircut, your pet will strongly resemble a puppy thanks to its short stature and even shorter coat. It doesn’t share the elegance of longer show cuts, but your Maltese will still look utterly adorable and you can spend less time grooming it and more time playing and loving it!

maltese show cut
Maltese Show cut

The Show Cut

One of the most attractive looking Maltese haircuts, it is also one of the hardest to maintain and upkeep. With a long white coat of straight hair, when a Maltese’s coat is left to grow out it looks spectacular but it will take a lot of work and energy – which is why is tends to be saved for competitions and show dogs.

This particular Maltese haircut involves allow the coat to grow to long lengths until it reaches the floor where it will be trimmed. The hair must be brushed down to either side of the body to be able to cover the feet of the dog at all times, with the hair around the head tied up in a bow to keep it from its face.

Maltese Haircuts
Maltese Top Knot

The Top Knot

The top knot works at various lengths and can even be combined with other types of Maltese haircuts. Mainly though it is achieved through allow the oat to grow past a certain length, long enough so it can be tied up in a knot above the Maltese’s head.

Many owners will keep the length long around the head whilst trimming it to shorter lengths around the body, or it can be all kept to the same length. The main idea is that the hair is tied up in either a bow or ribbon – failing that a latex band will work well at keeping it out of the dogs face. These can even be styled into numerous bows and or place the knots at the side of the dog’s head like pigtails, although the maintenance aspect of this may be unappealing to some.

Maltese Haircuts
Bob Cut

The Bob

This Maltese haircut is pretty much the same idea as the human equivalent. The hair around the head is kept longer and parted in the middle to let it grow to either side. While the length is kept at the head, the remainder of the coat from body, legs and tail are all cut to shorter lengths to emphasise the style at the head. This offers a stylish look whilst still being more than manageable thanks to the lack of longer hair elsewhere on the dog.

Scissor Cut

As mentioned before, the Maltese haircut can be styled into pretty much any way you want. For this to be achieved, many get a scissor cut to help style it in a precise manner. Your pet only needs its hair to be cut into a unique way with scissor to qualify or this cut. Control is really in the hands of the owner in this one, so you can go for whatever you want.

Any section of the dog’s body with hair can be cut to pretty much any length. The hair on the legs could be kept long to give the look of fuzzy boots, or you could style the hair on its head into something similar to a human style – why not make your Maltese a punk rocker and give it Mohawk? It is all down to personal style!