Yorkshire Terrier Price

Yorkshire terriers are those dogs that have become obsessions to have as house pets over the years. What was once a common, working dog has now become one of the most demanded of all house pets – and the most expensive, as a result! Size has become a huge factor in determining Yorkshire terrier price, as the smallest dogs are the most in demand. These dogs usually weigh in at 2 ½ pounds and rarely go over 7.

Quality Breeder
$500 - $1500
Rescue ShelterExtremely hard to find
Quality Breeder$1000 and Up
Quality Breeder
$1000 - $2500
Pros-Best Companians
-Small size
Cons-Needs special care

Yorkshire terriers are exceptional dogs that require special care. However, the rewards for doing so make them one of best companions you’ll ever have. Always be sure to report anyone mistreating these precious animals, as they are simply too kind-hearted and wonderful to have to undergo such treatment. Expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1500 average for a pure breed from a licensed breeder that takes excellent care of their animals.

Yorkshire Terrier Rescue

The likelihood of locating a Yorkshire terrier in a refuge is not too likely. Unfortunately, most end up dying before ever getting to a refuge and those that actually make it get taken up rather quickly. However, if you are one of the lucky ones to get a Yorkshire terrier for a couple hundred dollars at one of these shelters, you have certainly saved yourself a ton of money!

There is one big disadvantage from getting a Yorkshire terrier puppy from a shelter and that is that you know very little or nothing about its past. You never know if it will one day develop behavioral problem that may be impossible to fix or if it will become impossible to house train.

One place where you should avoid buying Yorkshire terriers altogether is at pet stores, since most dogs come from puppy mills. Conditions are notoriously unsanitary at these places and puppies are separated from their families at a very young age. Worse yet, many puppies are treated very unkindly and develop serious behavioral problems later on in life or health illnesses due to not receiving the appropriate level of care.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Prices From Qualified Breeders

Expect to pay $1000 or more for a quality Yorkshire terrier. The cost can be rather higher because of breeding is a difficult process that doesn’t yield more than 2-3 puppies at a time. That’s why you can pay as much as $2500 for a teacup Yorkshire terrier puppy. If you find one for less than these quoted prices you should be very suspicious, as it is very likely that the breeder hasn’t done the proper health testing or other problems.