Rottweiler Dog Price

Rottweilers are large, strong dogs that weigh as much as 150 pounds, which is why it is very important that such a powerful, assured dog always be correctly trained for the safety of everyone who comes in contact with it. Your average Rottweiler is strong and possesses power !

Rottweiler Dog Price
Rescue Adoption Shelter$150 and Up
Average Breeder Price$1000
Pros-Large and strong
-Great watchdog
Cons-Requires obedience training

Obedience training for Rottweiler pups should start at a very young age and should be factored into your budget upon purchasing the dog. What was once an amazing watchdog has now become a popular domestic pet that can add a new level of life to any home. Rottweiler dog price varies depending on where you find one.

Rottweiler Dog Price at a Shelter

Adoption fees for a typical Rottweiler dog price can be as low as $150, or go up to several hundred dollars depending on what is covered with your purchase. For example, some adoption centers and shelters offer comprehensive health checks, spaying, neutering and vaccinations in addition to their regular rescue fees.

Typically, Rottweilers land in rescue shelters when their jobs as a great watchdog is over, although a few dog owners may still fancy the idea of getting a Rottweilers to precisely fill that very role – the safeguarding of their property. Purchasing at a shelter is a great way to help a puppy or adult dog in need. Just keep in mind that you can never be too sure of what sort of training the dog has had in the past. Owners of such rescue dogs ought to be ready to correct any behavioral issues with the dog’s behavior and go through obedience training in order to give Rottweilers the authority that they crave.

While pet shops generally take pets from puppy mills and other undesirable breeding locations, there are a few small benefits of buying Rottweilers from a pet shop. Sometimes the pups have been acquired from local shelters at a low cost in order to save them. But the nice thing is that purchasing pups from a pet shop often doesn’t require any interviews or references, which are normally essential for purchasing a pet.

Professional Breeders

Buying a puppy from a responsible breeder is definitely the best choice you can make in order to buy a healthy, bonded and well-documented canine. The typical Rottweiler puppies’ price averages about $1000. Remember to always do your homework in order to find out more about the breed when locating a reputable breeder before relishing in the enjoyment of having a new best friend.

The best breeders also offer lifetime support and will even take the dog back if the owner can longer take care of it, although there are often many exceptions to this rule. In any case, this is your safest bet to acquiring a quality pup!