How To Groom a Dog -10 Eazy Steps – Watch the Video


Just like humans dogs need daily grooming to keep them clean and healthy. An ill groomed dog is more prone to yeast infections which can breed in matted fur.

Australian_Cattle_Dog_puppy_mascotbOur loving dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis, this keeps their fur smooth and silky, and keeps them healthy all-around. Dogs that are not groomed properly

are at risk for yeast infections, caused by matted fur. You will also need to groom their ears, if wax builds up ear infections can set in.

Ever wondered how to groom a dog in the comfort of your home instead of paying hefty fees at a pet salon? Depending on the breed of your dog, some will need more grooming than others, the longer their hair, the more grooming that needs to be done. Let’s talk about basics steps to grooming your precious pooch.

1     Gather all supplies. These supplies should be easily found at a local pet store:

  • Fur brush or Slicker
  • Dog Nail Cutter
  •  Clean Cotton Swabs (to clean eyes & ears)
  •  Ear cleaning medication and cotton balls
  •  Rubbing Alchohol
  •  Dog specific tooth cleaning solution & Tooth brush
  •  Dog shampoo
  • Towels
  •  Pair of grooming shears
  •  Hair Dryer

2    Thoroughly brush your dog’s coat to take any matting off. Undetected Matts become very unmanageable when wet. Brushing the dog’s hair thoroughly and gently makes the process more manageable and painless for the dog.  

3      Cut off parts that are severely matted and stuck together so that bacteria does not grow between them that can cause yeast infection. Have long haired dog’s haircut before grooming at home.

4    Use a clean cotton swab for cleaning build-up in your dog’s eyes. Long haired dogs might a collection of tear stains around the eyes. DO NOT attempt to cut this yourself and have a professional vet do it for you.

5     Warm up ear cleaning product by sitting it in warm water. Cold water causes pain in the ear canal. Use cotton balls or cotton swabs for cleaning ear wax and dirt. DO NOT travel too far into the ear drum since It can cause damage to the ear drum. Dry the ear once done with the cotton balls.

6     Brush your dog’s teeth at least every other day

7     Use dog clippers for grooming nails. Use dog clippers for grooming nails. Only cut 1/16th of an inch from the tip. If you accidently cut too much and end up hitting a blood vessel, do first aid with some corn starch and press nail down until bleeding subsides.

8     Give your dog a Bath!! Bathe your dog with special dog shampoo. Rub gently at the roots of their hair to remove oil and dirt. Rinse your dog thoroughly as any shampoo residue left in the coat can cause irritation and red skin.

9     Dry your dog off with a towel thoroughly. Use a hair dryer on cool setting to finish drying. While

10  Final brushing. While brushing their hair pull up and brush down.