Labrador Dog Price

Labradors are those types of dogs that win the most contests and is also revered among other dogs as one the most intelligent breeds of all. This means that Labrador dog training is usually not difficult due to the dog’s exquisite intellectual capacity.

Pet Store$1000 and Up
Breeders$Variable Range
Rescue ShelterAlmost impossible to find
Pros-Most Intelligent dog breed
-Win most contests
-Not good to be left alone

There are usually three accepted colors of the Labrador dog – black, yellow and chocolate. These can also come in a wide variety of different pigmentation. For example, the chocolate Labrador can sometime be a moderate-brown or a dark brown color in other cases.

The Labrador is among most famous of any breed of dog currently found on the planet. Everyone seems to have come to terms with the fact that Labradors are some of the most faithful and perhaps adorable of all dogs, which has an ultimate effect on the end Labrador dog price. It is very rare that you’ll ever find a puppy for under $500 and even more rare to find one at a rescue shelter – if not impossible! That’s the extra cost you’ll have to pay for buying the most popular breed in the U.S!

If you do find one for under $500, you can almost always be assured that there is something undesirable about them, such as poor pedigree, and you should thread with extreme caution.

Finding Labradors at the Pet Shop

Labradors are available for sale in many pet shops scattered across the county. Sadly, pet shops are the most usual offenders of offering low-quality puppies at exorbitant rates. Expect to pay $1000 and up! These Labradors are usually produced out of puppy mills and are bound to have many health problems due to genetic defects along the road. These pups have been essentially churned out for the sole purpose of breeding, without little care given to the environment in which they were raised.

Typical Labrador Dog Price at a Breeder

By far, it makes much more sense to purchase a Labrador dog at a qualified breeder, although be prepared to pay accordingly for good quality. But even then, you should interview the breeder well to ensure that the puppies come from a great bloodline. You should immediately have the ability to tell several things about the character of the dog breeder when you actually visit the breeder.

Obviously, if you see that the pups are receiving very little pup training, stomping in their very own feces, and do not appear clean, then you should run away and seek out a different one. Proud breeders that are also dog breeders take great care of their pups. Remember that training will always be so much easier with Labradors that originate from the right genetics or that come from a champion bloodline.