Newfoundland Dog Price

Scouting for the Best Newfoundland Dog Price

Newfoundland dogs are perhaps best known for the golden hearts encased in a massive build. One thing is for sure – they’re family dogs embraced in a sense of tradition and nobility. They deserve to be treated as a complete member of the family and never tied to a chain.

Average Price$1200-$1800
Rescue/Adoption $300
Shelter-Extremely rare to find
Pros-Massive built
-Family Oriented
-Golden Hearts
Cons-Slow metabolism
-Prone to cardiovascular disease, weight gain and hip dysplasia

These dogs can get quite large weighing as much as 150 pounds and above. They’re not the perfect dogs for everybody, as they need an extra degree of care. For example, their slow metabolism often endangers their well-being and health if special measures are not taken. Newfoundland dog price varies quiet a bit depending on where you are getting one from.

Newfoundland Dog Rescue

Typical adoption fees for a Newfoundland dog are around $300 and are usually used to help cover all of the related costs of adoption. You will almost never find pups at a shelter. Most likely, if you come across one of these bulky animals, it will be an older dog 10 years of age or more in need of a “retirement” home. The good news is that any Newfoundland dogs that make it to a shelter are always evaluated for any health problems and even micro-chipped for identification purposes.

TIP: Remember to avoid pet stores, as these have the most overpriced and least taken care of dogs!

Finding The Ideal Newfoundland Dog Breeders

Should you possess the correct environment to adapt a large dog such as Newfoundland dog, you should try to find a reputable breeder. The best ones have an extended record of ancestry, medical history and can give you an in depth interview alongside any questions you may have.

A black-colored Newfoundland dog runs anywhere from $1200.00 to $1800.00 depending on location and age. An older pup can sometimes be found for as little as $700 if you’re lucky. But you’ll definitely pay much more of a show quality dog – most likely in the thousands.

Always make an effort to locate a breeder that’s analyzed the hips for dysplasia, since Newfoundland dogs are very prone to getting this medical disorder due to their large size. The parents should also have a rating of great or excellent in this area. Any other health testing is an excellent indication that you’re coping with a reputable breeder.

You should also factor in maintenance costs such as daily combing, which is required by every Newfoundland dog. Bathing should actually only be done when absolutely essential to prevent stripping the coating of this special dog’s natural oils. Frequent medical test may also have to be employed at the vet, since these dogs are prone to cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and hip dysplasia, as mentioned above.