Doberman Price

How Much To Pay for a Doberman

Dobermans have one of the sportiest bodies of all dogs. In case you have always dreamed of owning a dog that is fast with a streamlined body build, the Doberman is really your pick. The dog’s mood is usually very tempered giving it that added advantage of being very obedient.

Adoption / Rescue$400
Breeders $1500 and Up
-Event Temper

The male dogs generally have much more strength, whereas the female dogs have more slender body muscles and interesting physiques. All Dobermans have a sense of nobility about them and come in a highly moderate body size.

Nevertheless, with this moderate body size there can be a difference of as much as 8-10 cm in most Doberman puppies and adult dogs. Its square body frame always remains totally proportional, since all its body parts including the legs; the head; neck and shoulders are proportional. An average male dog weighs about 35 to 45 kilograms, while the average female dog weighs about 25 to 40 kilograms. Nevertheless, there’s no normal weight for a most Doberman pinscher dogs. A more astonishing feature to look at when gauging the Doberman price is that of its color.

Dobermans at Rescue Shelters

Most Doberman found at shelters include adults and it is very unlikely to find puppies. You can expect to pay an average of $400 in adoption fees, which often includes neutering & spaying, a comprehensive health examination, upgrading on shots together with all applicable admin fees. A copy of all health records accessible will also be supplied and can come in handy one day. Your adoption fees will also pay towards the price of care for other dogs while in the shelter.

Doberman Breeders

Quality comes at a cost and it’s always best to use a qualified breeder who has the necessary expertise and in depth understanding of Dobermans in general. This will ensure that you end up getting pups that grow into emotionally and physically sensible grownups, with a minimized danger of running into pertinent medical issues somewhere along the line. These qualified Doberman Pinscher breeders will ask for a minimum of $1500 for a puppy and will be sure to include every possible health test for all known possible health conditions that can affect this breed.

Always ask whether the breeder has performed health and genetic tests and whether they are accredited by a respected organization such as the CERF or OFA. Try to find out information about the bloodlines as well so that you can learn about the last 3-4 generations in the pedigree. Remember that anything under $1500 is very inexpensive and you should proceed with caution!