Bengal Cat Price

A Bengal cat is like a combination of a Bengal tiger together with a typical domesticated cat. These cats typically end up the size of a somewhat bigger than normal house cat with certain characteristics that typically connect to those of the tiger. The majority of cat owners love them precisely for this exoticism and fortunately, there are many different varieties available in terms of personality and color.

Average Price$700 - $800
Rescue Shelter$200
Hobbyist$500 and Up
Quality Breeder$1000 - $3000
Show Cats$1500 - $2000
High EndUp to $4000
Pros-Amazing looks of wild ancestory
-Family companion
-Low Maintenance
Cons-Need attention
-High Price

In the event you have always dreamed of owning a Bengal in your house, you need to aware that it’s an uncommon breed and will cost more than other kittens. A pet Bengal cat prices ranges from about $700 to $800 on average – and that’s if you are lucky. Most pet stores and professional breeders will charge much more.

Bengal Cat Rescue

It can be dangerous to try and find a purebred Bengal cat from a shelter, that is, one that has just the right pattern, personality and remains hypoallergenic. You can never truly verify if they are a Bengal. If you are, however, confident that you have landed on a Bengal cat at a bona fide Bengal rescue center, then by all means spend the few hundred dollars to save it from its misery. You’ll get to enjoy a reduced cost and feel great about the possibility of giving the cat a great house.

Do keep in mind, that it can be very helpful to know where your cat originates and to understand its bloodline. This way you’ll be better able to forecast health hazards and make it easier to get the cat well socialized. The only way to get these confirmations is to buy the Bengal cat from a breeder.

Bengal Cat Breeders

Clearly there will be a recognizable difference in Bengal cat price if you get one from a hobbyist and a reputable breeder. A hobbyist may offer one as low as $500, while a professional will charge anywhere from $1000 to $3000. However, only a professional breeder will offer you proof of the cat’s rare lineage and genealogy.

The low end of the scale will often feature Bengal cats that may have some minor defects such as color irregularities and health problems and are not of “show quality.” You will have to go up to the $1500-2000 range to find show cats. The only problem of getting show cats is that they are usually sterilized and often no longer take part in breeding programs.

The high end of Bengal cats generally cost in the thousands and have exquisite ancestry among other things. A male may cost as much as $4000.