German Shepherd Price

How Much Will You Spend On a German Shepherd?

German Shepherd prices are among the most varied of all dog breeds. Little pups can range anywhere from $75 to $90,000! At the low range are the dogs from local rescue shelters that are in need of a loving home.

Breeder$500 or less
Great Quality$1000 and Up
Pure Breed$2500
Professionally Trained / Guard DogsUp to $25000
-Good Listeners
Cons-Need Attention
-Not good to leave home alone

These are certainly your cheapest options and it can be spiritually fulfilling to know that you are saving a dog that may have gone through some trauma in their lives. However, there is one big disadvantage to this scenario and that is that the history of the dog is often completely unknown to the shelter and you will be unable to guarantee bloodline or personality.

Puppies Are Available At A Wide Range of Breeders

Next on the scale are the so-called backyard breeders. These have gotten a bad rap over the years due to their neglect of providing dogs with sanitary and ideal breeding grounds. However, with proper research you can buy a German shepherd for under $500. Always check that the breeder is using ethical tactics, since many puppies are brought up in inhumane environment that results in permanent mistrust after the dogs grow up. For example, many dogs with aggressive behaviors were often brought up in this manner.

The most popular choice for buying a German shepherd is to opt for professional qualified breeders. This is the best way to ensure that your dog has a health certificate and a guarantee. However, always find out whether the pup registered with the AKC or OFA. The AKC reveals ancestors for several generations, so that you can get a copy of the family tree. With an AKC certificate you will be better able to gauge the caliber of the pup using its bloodline. The OFA keeps medical records of documented canines including an evaluation of the dog’s bone structures. This can reveal many things such as the genetic predisposition that a dog has to be properly bred.

Those who want true peace of mind will have to pay over $1000 for a puppy that has intelligence and personality guarantees, hips that have been proven to be free of dysplasia and other guarantees that ensure an turbulent-free future for the life of the pet. Pure breeds will cost $2500 and up and must be registered and certified by the AKC. These breeders are happy to give a lifetime guarantee in most cases. Dogs that have been professionally trained to become guard dogs can cost $25000 and up. They are pure-bred and hand selected to offer the ultimate protection for your property or family. German Shepherd price is variable depending on these conditions.