Bulldog Price

How Much Will I Pay For a Bulldog?

Many people are confused when they first enter the market for bulldogs, as prices tend to fluctuate a lot. In fact, there are many types of bulldogs, although the most popular remains to be the English bulldog. Others are the American and French bulldogs, the latter of which may have come out of England. When it comes to setting a bulldog price, French bulldogs tend to be the most expensive.

Average Price of French Bulldog at Breeder$1500 and Up
American Bulldog Breeder>$1000 or Less
Pup 3 months and older$300 and Up
Rare to find in Shelters
Pros-Loyal and Loving
-Minimal grooming needs
Cons-Sloppy and not quiet athletic

Why do people buy bulldogs? Dog owners have found that these precious animals are a delight to have in the home and remain forever faithful. Some people will go as far to say that they can lift up your mood when you’re feeling blue, a true “man’s best friend” in the heightened sense of the phrase!

It is very rare to find a bulldog at a shelter, because they are too much of a prized commodity. You may occasionally find a mixed breed, although even this is very rare. However, you can always try your local humane society to see if there are any animals available for adoption. With a little persistence, you may one day find yourself lucky.

Bulldog Prices

 French bulldogs purchased at qualified breeders tend to cost at least $1500, while American bulldogs can still be acquired below the $1000 price tag. These are the prices for small puppies, as the prices tend to go down when the dog gets older. Those who wish to save money can buy their puppies after they reach at least 3 months of age, as the price tends to fall to one-third of the original cost. So, a licensed older puppy may only cost $300!

Always ask a lot of questions anytime you are interested in buying a bulldog from even a qualified breeder. First of all, find ensure that the owner has all registration and certification records including record from the vet in regards to worming and shots received. Find out as much information as you can about the ancestors of the dog as well. Above all, rely on your gut feeling to ensure that all the puzzle-pieces are in place. For example, the look of the dog himself should give you a good idea of the dog’s overall level of health.

There is nothing worse than purchasing a bulldog now only to find out gut-wrenching details about the health of the dog from your vet. Too many bulldogs purchased from online classifieds appear healthy during the purchase, only to pass away several weeks after. In the end, we all want a healthy dog that we can bond with and take care of for many years to come.