Petco Coupons

Updated for 19th June 2024

Use Petco Coupons To Save Big $$$ 

Have you been on the lookout to save money with Petco coupons lately?

Let’s face it! It can certainly be pricey owning a pet these days! Years of purchasing nutritious pet food, check-ups at the vet and grooming services can take a big crunch out of one’s budget.

However, the good news is that Petco has provided its dear customers with a wide range of coupon options available through many different platforms, as a way of gaining customer loyalty or as incentives to get people interested in their products.

What are some ways that you can stay current with the latest Petco coupons being offered at a Petco near you, so that you can be sure to take advantage of the latest deals on future pet supplies? Here are a few ways to help you get started in your search:

Check Your Local Newspaper For Clippings

One of the easiest ways to find Petco coupons is to grab a local newspaper or check out some of the free circulars that are delivered to your mailbox each week. Many of these coupons can be easily cutout and can offer you substantial savings on pet supplies. Just keep in mind that they almost always have expiry dates and are only valid for one purchase per customer. Always read the fine print!

Get In Touch With The Petco Store Nearest You

It certainly won’t hurt to call and ask what’s on special for the week. However, a better way is to visit the actual store and grab a copy of their weekly newsletter, which is sure to have all the latest coupons available, including ones you can cut out and show to the cashier upon purchase. Who knows, you may just find a new brand of gluten-free pet food, your dog will instantly fall in love with?

Search Online

The Internet has a wealth of options for finding very attractive  Are you in search of Petco grooming coupons? You can get discounts on toys, foods or even grooming. Simply visit the main Petco website, type in your zip code and you will see what is offered store wide at a location near you. You can also sign up for the electronic newsletter to have coupons delivered regularly to your email inbox. If you plan to purchase regularly, you can also sign up for the “pals rewards” program, which will allow you to earn 5% back on everything you buy! Also for more deals check out Petco Sales Page here.

Searching for Petco Grooming Coupons ?

If you are interested in Petco Grooming coupons and discounts, one thing you can do right now is sign up for “pal rewards program on Petco’s official website. The great thing is that you not only get 5 % back on Petco grooming, but everything that you buy !

Mail-In Rebates Vs. Instant Savings

Some brands of pet food such as “Natural Choice” also offer rebate programs, in which you can purchase a bag of food at full price, mail-in your receipt, and then receive a refund of part of the purchase price a few weeks later. This can help you save money if you are willing to go through the slight hassle of mailing in your receipt.

Naturally, more attractive are the instant coupons, which allow you to save a certain percentage off the retail price immediately upon presenting an appropriate coupon code. These can either be found in your local newspaper, online, or sometimes in-store as a block of coupons right next to the product that is being discounted.

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