Boston Terrier Price

The Average Price Tag For a Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is one of the most mannered and intelligent of dogs. They’re generally tender dogs and like to feel like they’re an integral part of the family. Boston Terriers are modest-size dogs with beautiful dark eyes, erect ears and muscular limbs. One thing to look out for is that many dogs are quite sensitive to the sound of your voice and can sometimes be as serene and silent as a dog can possibly be, or as loud and rambunctious as possible. Much is dependent upon the overall mood of the home and the standard of behavioral training they receive.

Boston Terrier Price
Shelter Average Price$1000
Breeder Price$800 - $1500
Pros-well mannered
-Easy to groom
Cons-Does not do well in extreme
cold or extreme hot
weather conditions

They have been generally perceived as watch dogs in the past; the home is their castle and they will protect it with their lives.

One benefit of owning a Boston Terrier is that they are easy to groom. Their short coat needs very little focus and only a short combing session is needed from time to time. The only day-to-day grooming required is a gentle wipe down, particularly in the eye region.

Boston Terrier Price at a Shelter

Based on your region of the country, Boston Terrier are actually pretty common in shelters and can offer you substantial savings on what you’d have to pay at a breeder. The usual Boston Terrier price is in the range of several hundred dollars at a shelter. Whatever you do, don’t support pet stores, as most of their Boston Terriers come from backyard mills and that could result in health & behavioral problems in the future. Don’t let their often expensive price tag of $1000 fool you!

 Purchasing from a Breeder

Expect to pay in the area of $800-$1500 for a quality dog from a reputable breeder that comes with a full, health guarantee and plenty of other perks such as being bred from health-tested parents.

The best breeders have extensive information about the strains they offer and are extremely specific in regards to the unique characteristics of the pup they are breeding. They’re remarkably attentive in choosing their parents mainly because Boston Terriers have a tiny gene pool.

Health testing that goes beyond a mere vet exam is extremely significant when purchasing a Boston Terrier, since a pup from parents that haven’t been screened can cause some really expensive problems in the future. Just remember to be patient and cautious when selecting between breeders. The very best breeders always supply a healthy environment and pay special attention to the medical conditions of all their Boston Terrier puppies. Should you train them and take great care of them they will remain loyal till the end!