Bullmastiff Price

How Much To Pay For a Bullmastiff?

A Bullmastiff dog is essentially a combination between an old English bulldog and an English mastiff. It is a strongly built dog renowned for its great size. But heed caution: you really need to be ready to manage a dog that is this powerful. You have been forewarned!

Shelter Average Price$150 - $300
Breeder Average Price$500 and Up
Breeder Show Quality$2000 and Up
-Fit and Gile despite bulkiness
Cons-Future budget ; obedience training
-Big Appetite

However, on the other hand, a bullmastiff is also very fit and extremely agile despite its bulkiness. It’s never awkward and moves with great agility and grace. Just keep in mind that the Bullmastiff has a comparatively brief life span – typically less than ten years.

So, how much will you have to shell out for a Bullmastiff? Well, the typical bullmastiff price depends on where you buy it from.

Saving a Bullmastiff From Your Local Shelter

Buying a bullmastiff from a local shelter will definitely save you a bundle. You can usually pay anywhere from $150 – $300 with spay and neuter included in the adoption fee. However, the ages generally accessible are from 2-5 years old. You will be very hard-pressed to find anything lower than that. Because you’ll know little about the history of such a dog, be sure to also factor in obedience training and fundamental housetraining into your future budget.

Bullmastiff Price At a Breeder

Those who want peace of mind will not buy a bullmastiff at a shelter or from notorious pet shops, instead they will go to a designated breeder who specializes in breeding and raising bullmastiff pups.

Now, you’ll have to have a budget of at least $1,500 to cover one of these pups, or at least $2000 for a show-quality pup, who shouldn’t be bred further. With that kind of money, you should definitely prepare a long list of questions to ensure that you are getting the absolute best quality pup and from the best possible breeder.

There are other costs that should definitely be factored into your budget when preparing for Bullmastiff prices. For example, the typical Bullmastiff will require as much as 6 cups of food daily. The good news, however, is that they love anything that you’ll give them. That includes veggies as green beans, carrots, broccoli and much more.

Many dog owners also recommend crate training as well as a wide array of minor items that can solve potential behavioral issues down the road such as chew on bones, downy toys, pig ears, etc. However, the biggest costs you’ll always have to factor in, should they occur, are visits to the vet, as spaying and neutering are still customarily down at the owner’s expense.