PetSmart Grooming Prices 2023

PetSmart is a large chain of stores operating all throughout North America, offering live pets, pet products to retail consumers since 1986. Typical pet products include food, litter, grooming aids, apparel, collars leashes, toys and much more. Petsmart grooming prices are quiet affordable along with the reliability it has to offer. Below you can browse Petsmart grooming prices and also get an idea of the services that they offer

-Oxygen Infused Bath
-Basic Shampoo and Blow Dry
-15 minute brushing
-Nail Trim
-Ear cleaning
-Scissoring feet & pad shaving
- Anal gland cleaning
Dog Bath Prices
Dog BreedBath Prices
Alaskan Husky$34.99
American FoxHound$25.00
American Staffordshire Terrier$26.99
American Water Sapniel$25.00
Australian Shepherd$34.99
Basset Hound$28.00
Border Collie$28.99
Boston Terrier$18.99
Chesapeake Bay Retriever$28.99
Cocker Spaniel$26.99
English Bulldog$26.99
Fox Terrier$21.99
French Bulldog$18.99
German Shepherd$30.99
Golden Retriever$30.99
Great Dane$33.99
Great Pyrenees$44.99
Jack Russell Terrier$18.99
Labrador Retriever$26.99
Poodle (Miniature)$29.99
Serbian Husky$34.99
Shi Tzu$24.99
Springer Spaniel$26.99
Yorkshire Terrier$18.99
Dog Grooming
- All Dog bath services plus 15 minutes or more of brushing dematting & haircut

Dog Grooming Prices
Alaskan Husky$52
American Foxhound
American Water Spaniel$47
Border Collie$57
Chesapeake Bay Retriever$57
Cocker Spaniel$52
English Bulldog$52
Fox Terrier$40
Golden Retriever$67
Great Dane$58
Great Pyrenees$62-87
Jack Russell Terrier$30
Labrador Retriver$47
Poodle (Miniature)$45
Serbian Husky$57
Shi Tzu$47
Springer Spaniel$57
Yorkshire Terrier$40
Puppy Bath (up to 5 months old)
- Oxygen Infused Bath
- Basic shampoo & blow dry
- 15-minute brushing
- Nail trim
- Ear Cleaning
- Scissoring feet & pad shaving.
- Sanitary trim
- Anal gland cleaning
- Bandana or bow
Puppy Groom
All Puppy Bath services plus 15 minutes or more of brushing, dematting & haircut$15.99
Personalized Add-on Packages
(with purchase of a bath or full groom)
Top Dog
Choice of premium shampoo
Milk bath conditioner
Scented cologne spritz
Teeth brushing and breath freshner
Bandana or Bow
Top Dog Plus
All Top Dog services plus nail grind
Top Dog SPAW
All Top Dog Plus Services plus Very Berry face wash, GNC pets* nose and pad cream and paw massage
Top Pup (up to 5 months old)

Choice of premium shampoo
Milk bath conditioner
Scented cologne spritz
Teeth brushing and breath freshner
Bandana or Bow
Top Pup plus (up to 5 months old

All Top Pup services plus nail grind.
Premium Shampoos & More
(with purchase of bath and full groom)
Whitening & Brightening Shampoo$7
Ultra Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo$7
Flea & Tick Shampoo$7
Milk Bath Conditioner$7
Apricot Exfoliating Scrub$8
Very Berry Face Wash$5
Solution Based Add-Ons
Low-shed shampoo
FURminator de Shedding solution
Up to 20 mins of brushing w/ FURminator Tool
FURminator Plus
All FURminator services plus teeth brushing, breath freshener & nail grind
FURminator Prices
FURminator w/ Bath$3-5
FURminator w/Groom$15
FURminator plus w/Bath $17-19
FURminator plus w/Groom$30
Flea Relief & Deodorizing
Dog Flea & Tick Package w/K9 Advantix 2 Solution

Anti itch relief spray
Flea & tick medicated shampoo
K9 Advantix 2 Solution
Dog Flea & Tick Package w/K9 Advantix 2 Solution Application fee

Anti-itch relief spray
Flea & tick medicated shampoo
Application of pre purchased K9 Advantix 2 Solutions

Deskunking solution
Deodorizing shampoo
Freshening spray
Pet Expressions
Nail Polish$7
Walk-in Services
(no bath or groom purchase necessary)

Nail trim
Nail grind
Ear cleaning & hair removal
Scented cologne spritz
Bandana or bow
PAWdicure PLUS

All PAWdicure services plus teeth brushing & breath freshener
Ear Cleaning
Ear Cleaning w/Nail Trim

Nail trim or Nail grind
Ear cleaning & hair removal
Scented cologne spritz
Breath freshener
Ear Cleaning Prices
Ear Cleaning w/Nail Trim$14

Ear Cleaning w/Nail grind$18
Touch up
15-minute brushing or trimming
Nail trim
Ear cleaning & hair removal
Teeth brushing
Breath freshener
K 9 Advantix II Solution
K 9 Advantix II Solution treatment & application$22-24
K 9 Advantix II Solution Application Fee

Application of pre purchased K 9 Advantix II Solution
Walk-ins Misc
Nail Trim$9
Nail Grind$12
Puppy Nail Grind$6
Teeth Brushing & Breath Freshener$11
GNC Pets Nose & Pad Cream$3
Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal $9
Anal Gland Cleaning$10
Oxygen infused bath
15-minute brushing
Basic shampoo & blow dry
Nail trim
Ear cleaning
Scissoring feet & pad shavig
Sanitary trim
All Cat Bath services plus dematting face, feet & tail haircut and extra scissoring clipping or brushing
Short HairN/A
Long Hair$61

Petsmart Hours

Petsmart  hours may change from location to location, yet they should all follow the standard opening hour times. These are usually opening times of 9am with closing times being 9pm, Monday through Saturday, with an earlier closing time on Sundays of 8pm

Petsmart’s Grooming Hours

Petsmart Grooming hours for dog owners who are taking their dogs in for grooming appointments, as many people will want to drop them off before work. For this reason, Petsmart hours of operations differ from their store opening hours.

Grooming hours are 7am – 9pm Monday to Saturday, with Sunday opening slightly later with 8am – 9pm hours.

Mon- Saturday9 am - 9 pm
Sunday9 am - 8pm
Petsmart Grooming Hours
Mon - Sat7 am - 9 pm
Sunday8 am - 9pm

*store hours may vary by location

Petsmart Coupons:

Learn to get hold of Petsmart Coupons and Petsmart Grooming Coupons by checking out  our Petsmart Coupons page.

Petsmart Prices

Petsmart do not only sell pet products along with live pets, they offer a range of pet services such as grooming, training along with a hotel service for pets. All these services are aimed at helping customers have their pet not only looking exactly like they want, but behaving that way too. These services come at very competitive rates, and with over 20 years’ experience in the pet market, you can be sure of a quality service.

PetSmart continues to be a leading provider of pet-related products due to its strategic locations that offer high quality products and services.

Petsmart Grooming Prices

PetSmart grooming is heavily advertising on television and comes with a handy “Look Great Guarantee”, ensuring that customers receive the look that they desire from their pet. Doggy day care is a form of babysitting for your dog, in which a supervisor looks after him throughout the day, while you can go about your daily activities.

The Petsmart price is quite affordable and some of the features a full groom includes are; ear cleaning, nails trimming, scissoring, pad shaving, shampoo, oxygen infused bath and haircut. PetSmart continues to be a leading provider of pet-related products due to its strategic locations that offer high quality products and services.

Petsmart grooming prices are some of the best on the market, with a range of top quality grooming services at affordable rates much like the Petsmart Vet prices. The dib bath service and the dog grooming service are the two most popular services available.

In the tables above,  you will get an idea of PetSmart grooming prices

Dog Bath – Petsmart dog bath aims to leave your dog looking precisely the way you want it. Starting with an oxygen infused bath with a shampoo followed by a blow dry will leave your dog’s coat looking and smelling great. A 15 minute brushing with a bathing brush follows, and then finished off with and ear clean, nail trim, scissoring feet and pad shaving and anal gland cleaning.

For Pricing -Refer to Tables above

Dog Grooming Cost – Petsmart dog grooming package offers the dig bath service along with 15+ minutes of brushing, de-matting and a haircut. Petsmart haircuts are a fantastic way to get rid of any unwanted loose hair to give your pet’s coat the shine it deserves. And don’t forget that with these shiny coats means your pet’s skin will be even healthier with all of that loose pet hair removed. You’ll find that pet insurance will not cover these costs in almost all cases. It is advised to review your policy for confirmation. 

How much is a deshedding treatment? It’s important to check with your dog groomer to evaluate your pet’s needs because grooming fees may vary depending on if a partial or full grooming experience is necessary.

How much does dog grooming cost? Dog grooming costs will vary and Petsmart grooming prices are not just exclusive to these full treatment options. Many walk in services are available, and you are free to choose what your dog needs based on the average dog grooming prices. Looking for just a Petsmart toe nail trim? Try the PAWdicure. Perhaps just an ear clean.

Does Petsmart express glands?  Check with your pet groomers, but anal gland expression is typically a quick and painless process.

Does Petsmart do teeth cleaning? Well, you can add special packages onto Petsmart dog grooming services; these are great little extras that are more than affordable. From premium shampoos to teeth brushing, you can get much more done if needed.

Does Petsmart do flea baths? One of the more common packages pet owners will get for their furry friends is the Flea & Tick package. This process uses a medicated shampoo that is gentle on your pet and also does a fantastic job of ridding them of unwanted pests. Sometimes this is known as the Pestmart flea dip. The process is extremely effective and if your pet has these unwanted parasites you’ll definitely want to avoid a simple cheap dog bath or a cheap cat bath for that matter.

Is Petsmart Furminator worth it? As a pet parent you’ll have to decide whether the cost makes sense or not. If your pet has a thick coat and/or an undercoat then it is highly advisable to get the Furminator treatment. Even with cats the shedding can be significantly reduced by removing loose and dead fur from your pet’s coat. The Petsmart cat grooming salon is busier than you might think. These cat grooming services will keep your furry friend’s coat healthy and your home fur free.

Does Petsmart cut dog nails? Your Pet Stylist will be happy to trim your fur babies’ nails using specialized Petsmart dog clippers or the Petsmart nail grinder. Their trained professionals are experts at nail trimming and will ensure we keep your pet happy, healthy, and well groomed. Pet grooming is a combination of a healthy coat and a finely trimmed set of nails so just check with your dog groomers if it’s something you’d like to have done 🙂

For Pricing -Refer to Tables above

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