Pomeranian Price

Pomeranians have become increasingly popular over the years, as has their cost! Most people purchase these cute puppies at impulse, since who can resist these sturdy sled dogs with their adorable, curling tails? The average Pomeranian price tends to be around the $500-1500 range.

Average Price$500-$1500
Quality Breeder
(pure bred)
$1000 and Up
-Small size
-Less messy than most breeds

Anything much lower or higher than that should get you asking questions about the age, location or other registration factors.

The rule of thumb is that smaller Pomeranians get the higher price tag. The cheapest are usually the “top” Pomeranians, which are the largest kind of Pomeranian classification and weigh in a 6 pounds or more. The next level down in size is the “teacup” Pomeranian, which weighs less than 5 pounds. Both the toy and teacup classifications can have the word “tiny” and even “micro tiny” added, when there weight goes down further. So, a micro tiny teacup Pomeranian can weigh in at only 1 pound and fetch several thousands of dollars.

Pomeranian Price for Puppies

Most puppies are sold around the 6-8 week mark, which is the time that Pomeranians can most easily transition to their new homes. You can think of the 2-month mark as a sort of threshold, as to when Pomeranians reach their highest price tags. Pomeranian puppies prices become markedly reduced upon reaching the 9-10 week mark.

Many people also find adoption to be an affordable option, dropping Pomeranian price down even further if you’re lucky enough to find one there. Rescued Pomeranian puppies are usually a safe bet because they have already been to the vet, received their vaccinations and have been neutered and sprayed. A small number of sheltered animals may also be purebred, an additional bonus!

Those who purchase purebred Pomeranians from quality breeders can expect to pay upwards of $1000. Always be sure that your breeder is licensed and certified by the AKC, to ensure that the puppies were truly cared and loved for before you purchase one. It is very important to find out about the reputation of a breeder to ensure that your tiny 100% certified tiny puppy doesn’t tiny teacup Pomeranian doesn’t one day turn out to be a toy Pomeranian.

A very large breeder can sometimes give you a great price on a Pomeranian due to their lower operating expenses thanks to effective marketing programs, allowing them to reach a broader audience. But don’t be fooled the scale of operations! Sometimes, a small breeder can also offer you highly competitive Pomeranian prices because they operate as a hobby and are not in it for the money. Use your judgment to find out the quality of a particular breeder and remember to ask many questions.