Siberian Husky Grooming

What Every Owner Needs To Know About Siberian Husky Grooming

Whether you have just purchased a new pup or older dog, or are still in the planning process, you will need to be sure to pay attention to the specific requirements for Siberian Husky grooming to take good care of your pet dog. Many people often ask “can you give huskies haircuts?” Keep reading for that answer.

Local Rescue$50 and Up
Backyard Breeder$150 and Up
Quality Breeder$300
Local Pet Store$500 - $1000
-Wolf like appearance
-Lively and social

  • These wonderful canines will provide you years of great companionship in return for your loving care. As with any dog, you need to know about their coat type and the maintenance routine necessary for care. This includes regular brushing and baths when needed.

Siberian Husky Grooming Cost

The average cost for this is around $40-$50 per grooming but change from place to place. This will tally to around $400 each year, but will increase and decrease depending on how often you decide to get a profession grooming done. Remember, this dog is very high maintenance for grooming, so it may be easier to pay for it, which will cost more than your average dog.

Coat Type

Among the many reasons that you need to take special care in learning about your new pet is that Siberian Husky grooming involves paying attention to the type of coat this attractive cold-weather animal has.

  • The coat of this canine pal is actually comprised of two different types of fur.

The top coat, the part you touch when gently petting your dog, is waterproof and designed to keep the animal dry even when it is raining or snowing outside. Beneath the top fur that you can readily touch is the soft undercoat. The undercoat helps to keep the animal warm even during freezing outdoor temperatures. It is also the part that can turn into a knotted mess if not cared for properly.


Depending on the age of your Siberian Husky when you bring him or her home, the animal is likely to still have their soft fuzzy undercoat alone. It is not until around one year of age that these snow puppies begin to grow mature hair. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get your animal comfortable being brushed everywhere.

At least once each week, you should brush their hair. Additional maintenance considerations for the dog include wiping their eyes with a damp cloth should debris collect in the corners and to keep their nails trimmed to an appropriate length.

Brushing and Combing

Siberian huskies are a very furry breed so you need to brush your dog’s fur regularly. Fortunately, these animals are clean by nature and do not produce an excessive amount of oil. The only time they really have an odor is if they have entered foul water or otherwise encountered a mucky situation.

  • When you brush the dog each week, make sure that you use a comb that will reach all the way down through the top fur and remove any shedding fur from the underside.

When the animal is shedding, you should brush fully at least once each day to minimize the amount of fur tracked throughout your home and the chance of it becoming matted.

Do not forget to get the belly and around the backside too. Matted fur is not only uncomfortable for your dog, it will disrupt the temperature regulation it is meant to provide. Take turns with everyone in the home to help keep up with this task during the weeks of shedding. Also, if you live in a hot climate year round, your pet may shed throughout the year rather than in the spring and fall.

siberian husky groomingGrooming for huskies

By now you may have searched for “husky grooming near me” or “husky groomers near me” and you are 100% on the right track! At least a couple of times each year, you should go through a complete grooming system with the beloved pet. Double coated dogs, such as Siberian Huskies really need extra care and attention from pet groomers. During the spring and fall, your animal will begin to shed their undercoat. It is your choice whether you want to pay for expensive grooming at a professional dog groomer or if you would prefer to do it at home. In some cases, you can find DIY dog grooming places that provide the equipment. You bring your dog, supplies and the elbow grease to get the job done.

Siberian Husky Haircuts

Don’t do it. Although you may think that you are doing the dog a favor by removing some of the fur, what you will take off is the protective layer. The outer coat provides a barrier from UV rays and other weather.

You can have a wonderful and loving companion in your new dog. Just remember these rules regarding Siberian Husky grooming and your beloved canine will look and feel great on the outside every season of the year!

Professional groomers will be more suited for this type of dog, as they can regularly maintain the quality coat that the Siberian Husky is famed for, which will require a fair amount of skill to achieve.


When you are going to bathe the dog, which should not be necessary very often, you should assemble all of your equipment first. Prepare yourself to be wet. Brush the animal completely to remove all of the loose fur before you begin. Take care not to get water in the eyes or ears of your dog.

Then, you can shampoo and rinse thoroughly. It is very important that you remove all signs of shampoo that might irritate the skin if left. Towel dry the dog and use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to expedite the drying process. And to cap it all off there is no reason not to give your husky’s nails a nice trim as wel.