Saint Bernard Price

A Saint Bernard is a popular pet to have around the house being so tender and lovable with kids. It is also popular as a guard dog and an excellent watchdog. After all, in the past it was used a faithful guardian in the Swiss mountains, where it protected locals from intruders. Many also find the bulkiness of Saint Bernard to be adorable and makes them the cuddliest of all big dogs.

Average Price$1000
Shelter-Hard to find
Pros-Tender and lovable with kids
-Guard Dog
Cons-Expensive maintenance

Many stranded travelers from the past owe a big wave of thanks to these awesome dogs for finding their way back on the trail. You only have to show them a little love and they will lavish you with even more – more than you’ll ever want!

Saint Bernards are by their very nature protective and will bite if danger ever comes in your way or in the way of anyone they are shielding. They are also very well known for their intelligence. With so many wonderful attributes, they average Saint Bernard price is quite high at just around $1000. They are also quite expensive to maintain, as the average puppy will eventually grow quite big. Show quality dogs will set you back in the thousands as are dogs that come fully equipped with all AKC standards and specifications. You will also tend to pay several hundred dollars more for females.

Saint Bernard Price for Puppies at a Shelter

You will be hard pressed to find such treasures as a Saint Bernard dog at a rescue shelter, although miracles do happen. This will definitely save you a lot of money, since you will pay much less than $1000, but again you have to be very, very lucky.

Remember never to buy a Saint Bernard on impulse at a pet store, since most of the dogs come from puppy mills. Even though these dogs may pass basic AKC qualifications, the conditions in which they were brought up are often less than desirable and even unsanitary. They will most likely be cheaper than buying from qualified breeders, but most will end up with many health issues in the future, as a result of being brought up in such conditions. This can amount to thousands of dollars in vet bills if you are not careful, so it pays to heed caution and tread slowly.

Upon selecting a qualified Saint Bernard breeder, be prepared to ask him/her many questions about the mother and father of the puppies. You should always be allowed to touch your future pet and run away if someone doesn’t allow you to do so. Also keep in mind that there isn’t a thing as a “pure Swiss” line, as all puppies originate from the Swiss variety.