Sphynx Cat Price

The pro trait about Sphynx cats is their unique personality. Sphynxes that have been well brought up tend to be sociable, interesting and pleasant, which makes it different from from the often pompous and arrogant other breeds of cats. They also possess characteristically big triangular ears; big paw pads, long & lean bodies, a rounded abdomen and a unique tail that is thin and long.

Average Price$1000 and Up
Pros-Pleasant and social than other cat breeds
-Family Oriented
Cons-High Maintenance
-Very social and should not be left alone

A Sphynx cat will be some of the most enjoyable company you’ll ever have. However, the most apparent characteristic of this cat is its low amount of hair, which funny enough, doesn’t lower its grooming needs. The other problem with this is that the cat’s natural skin oils make it pick up dander, dirt and sweat. Thus, it is important to give this pet a very regular bathing regimen.

Sphynx cats are rare and demand is unusually high. That’s why the typical Sphynx cat price begins at $1000 and much more for a show quality cat. This will put you into a very exclusive club upon owning one.

A Special Note About Allergies

Keep in mind that if you are allergic to cats, you will still be allergic to cats without hair. This is because the problem doesn’t lie in the fur but in the saliva that is inevitably always found on the hair coat. Besides, hairless cats still produce just as much dander as other cats. The only cats that don’t have this trait and are truly hypoallergenic are the Allerca kittens, which are high-cost kittens in huge demand in the U.S.

Sphynx Cat Price At a Breeder

Always do a lot of research before buying a cat at a breeder. You can visit a cat show or visit breeders in person. Aside from the high Sphynx cat price you’ll have to provide for getting a cat at a bona fide breeder, you will also have to factor in quite a bit of money for vet visits, since Sphynxes do require quite a bit of care. You will also have to sign a document, in which you promise to get the cat spayed, neutered, vaccinated and declare that you promise to feed it quality food.

Great breeders will always undertake comprehensive health evaluations, such as heart screening, blood type evaluation, PKD, and checking for viruses, which ought to be carried out at least annually. Furthermore, you should insist on checking out the kitten’s parents in addition to the kittens themselves to ensure that everyone looks well taken care of. The entire family should look healthy, bright and sociable, with no signs of discharge coming out of their noses and eyes. They should also look playful, alert without any signs of disease.