Pug Dog Price

Pugs are very sociable dogs, which make them great and fun family pets. However, this also means that you should dedicate ample time to spend with them. It is never a good idea to leaven them alone for long lengths of time, as they are then more prone to mischief. The good news is that they also require little exercise and have a tendency to be lazy. 

Pug Dog Price
Average Price$200-$500
Quality Breeder$700-$2500
Pros-Social pets
-Family oriented
-Require little exercise
Cons-Need Attention

You will have to probably motivate them a little more than you would other dogs, in order to get them out for walking. Try to shoot for at least 15 minutes a day, in any case. This also means that most pugs will have to be kept indoors and will require their own sleeping area at a designated place within your home – something to think about!

What Is they Typical Pug Dog Price?

Expect to pay, on average, about $200-500 for the typical pug dog price. One tip you should take into consideration is to avoid backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores, which all belong in the same category. The amount of money you may save by purchasing from one of these locations will eventually backfire in the form of expensive vet bills. Pet stores are even worse because they may charge a lot for low-quality pups.

Locating a Professional Pug Dog Breeder

Generally, pug breeders do not yield substantial amounts of these dogs. They generally focus more on great quality and the approach has certainly not made them more affordable over the years. The usual pug dog price at a breeder will set you back $700 to $2,500 for a pup, depending largely upon the cost of living for your particular region. However, you should also factor in supplements such as providing the pug puppy with top quality food, high quality veterinarian visits and even smaller items such as great bedding and your dog.

Pugs make wonderful pets and are generally a simple dog to take care of, but there are a few health concerns you should take into consideration. For example, one notable health hazard is the skin folds found on their faces that give them that characteristic wrinkled appearance. In these folds, it is not uncommon for bacteria and dirt to collect. That is why it is important to clean out these sections of the face regularly.

Another thing you’ll have to do regularly is brush the dog several times per week, together with nail trimming and regular dental care. These vet visits may take a toll in your overall budget and should be factored in early on.