Yorkie Haircuts

A Yorkshire Terrier offers a unique and one of a kind styling opportunity for your pet. In fact, one of the main attractions for a Yorkie is just how beautiful their coats are. This has led to many owners coming up with various styles and cuts to offer your Yorkie that perfect look. The best part is how many different options are available; it is possible to find a style that suits everyone.

Yorkie haircuts are varied as they are stylish, so there is plenty options out there. New owners may like to try out different looks, and can even combine aspects of different ones for a truly unique look. Some may know exactly the type of Yorkie haircut that they want, as it could be easier for maintenance of comfort of the dog. The choice is truly down to the owner.

Where to Get Your Yorkie Haircut

The thing with naturally having such long and elegant coats particularly ones that can be styled into various looks) is the fact that it limits what the owner can actually do. Getting clippers and maintaining a haircut will be far easier than actually trying to style it yourself. The best idea is to find a professional groomer who can provide you with the haircut you want and for an affordable rate.

A problem with groomers is that their rates are not the most reliable; you could be cheap in one place and be much costlier in another. This is why is a good idea to shop around until you find the right one for you and your Yorkie – much like us humans do, trying the same approach for your dog’s groomers, particularly if you want a more complex style.

Types of Yorkie Haircuts

As mentioned, there are a fair amount of styles out there, and some may not even have a name! We will break down the most common and popular cuts for a Yorkie.

Westie Cut

Yorkie Westie cut
Yorkie Haircut Westie Cut

A popular style for a Yorkie and one most of us have seen on one of the little guys. The body is trimmed down to a short length of your desire – usually a few inches give or take. If you want it slightly longer, or shorter then that’s fine too. The beard for this style is kept well founded, with the hair around the forehead is usually cut short, or kept in a topknot.



Puppy Cut

yorkie puppy cutOne of the very common cut out of the Yorkie haircuts, the puppy cut involves taking a lot of length from every area of the fogs body. This includes the face and legs, making it slightly different from the Westie cut. The shortness of the length can change, and it helps to lessen the burden of grooming, as long haired Yorkie’s need a lot of brushing and bathing done to their coats. This can be altered slightly to give differing looks, such as squaring of the facial hair to give the square puppy cut. Regardless, this Yorkie haircut will leave your dog looking like a young pup.

Schnauzer Cut

This type of Yorkie haircut is a very popular one, and invokes removing certain areas and leaving others. The black sections of the fur are removed, which leaves only tanned section, giving it the appearance of the Schnauzer breed of dog. They can be altered to suit, with facial hair, legs and chest all sections that can be trimmed to different lengths.

The Long Coat

Surprisingly enough, this involves leaving all of the length to grown as long as possible. Yorkie coats are naturally long and silky which are perfectly highlighted with long length. This will involve little actual haircuts, but more tidying and trimming to maintain the neatness of the coat. It’s a common appearance for dog shows, and can look elegant as it highlights the gorgeous colours and smoothness of the Yorkie coat.

The best part about keeping a long coat is that once it gets to the ideal length, you can easily trim away the excess hair yourself. For those looking for long coats to get styled into something a little more extravagant, they will definitely need the help of a professional groomer.

Other Things to Remember

The Top Knot – This is the process of tying up and knotting long hair on the forehead of a Yorkie. It’s mainly to keep it out of the dogs eyes, particularly with longer coats, yet many chose to have stylish top knots similar to those found on show dogs. Top knots are a great way to dress up the Yorkie face, as bows, ribbons, and hairclips are all commonly used to achieve this, and can help highlight the dog – this is particularly popular with female Yorkie’s.

Soft instead of silky – While you may think they are pretty much the same thing, soft hair is actually a lot more susceptible to matting, and therefore makes long coats particularly hard to achieve and maintain. Soft hair will be more likely to break and tear, and is generally bad for a Yorkie coat. If you really want silky hair, prepare yourself for a fair amount of grooming and styling.

Mix and Match – Change every style to suit you! May people love just how adaptable a Yorkie haircut can be, there is nothing stopping you from combining aspects of different cuts.

Grooming – No matter what Yorkie haircut you decide to go for, you will need to do a fair amount of grooming (every day in fact). The extent in which you need to groom your Yorkie will be much else should you decide to go for a more manageable cut such as the Westie or puppy cut. It is simply in the nature of the dogs coat to need a lot of time and care done to it; otherwise it will leave your Yorkie looking very unsightly and can even lead to health problems!

If you want to learn how to give your Yorkie a Trim yourself you may be able to teach yourself one of the most popular Yorkie Haircuts called the “Puppy Haircut”. Make sure you seek an help from a professional for at least the first few rounds. It is always better to start by watching a live groomer, but for the time being you can get a idea by Watching the following Video: