Pet Valu Grooming Prices & More

Pet Valu is one of the premier suppliers of pet products reaching sales in the billions of dollars each year. Less than half of all products actually comprise of live animal, the rest being made of equipment and accessories as well

as a wide range of services

*prices may vary by location

Pet Valu Grooming Prices
Doberman Pinscher$50-55
German Shepherd$50-55
Golden Retriever$50-55
Labrador Retriever$45-50
Yorkshire Terrier$30
Beagle $60
Doberman Pinscher$65-75
German Shepherd$65
Golden Retriever$65
Labrador Retriever$60
Yorkshire Terrier$40
Self-serve Dog Wash Stations
Washing stations are elevated to ensure that pets can be bathed at a comfortable height

Easy access steps ensure that pets can walk right into the tub.

Self-serve dog wash includes:
-Towel service
-Shampoo included
-Elevated tubs with easy access steps
-Professional high-velocity dryers
-Aprons to keep dry



Pet Valu hours are generally start from 9am and the store closes at 9 pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday timmings are 10 am to 10 pm.

MON-SATURDAY9 am - 9 pm
SUNDAY10 am - 10 pm


Upon entering one of their branches, you will find yourself gazing at over 7,000 different products, ranging from quality brands of pet foods to supplies that will satisfy every budget.

Some of the most popular choices of consumer products include the sale of pet food, toys, accessories and all at very affordable costs. Shops are located at major cities and communities all across the NE states of USA as well as in Canada. With great pride being placed on customer service, the staff is always well trained to deal with all matters related to the care of pets including grooming and nutrition. What often keeps people coming back are the quality of the products found at reasonable prices – often more affordable than the costs of the same items at a local convenience store.

In the tables above you will find the  highlights of some of the most common services offered at Pet Valu stores all across the continent.

Adoption Services

There are a number of scenarios when dog owners must find somebody to look after their dog or give it away for a variety of different motives. Sometimes people have to move away to an apartment that doesn’t allow pets or the owner falls ill and no longer has the energy or time to take care of the pet.

Many Pet Valu branches have an excellent standing as top-notch dog adoption centers within the community, as they are fun by a seasoned staff and have great relationships with local rescue communities.

Grooming Services

For those who have dogs as pets, grooming is most likely high on your list of things to do, as dogs like to get downright dirty in order to cover or enhance their natural scents. They enjoy rolling in everything that’s squishy and gooey, and will require a bath or haircut at least once a month.

Pet Valu is also pleased to offer grooming services, to turn your fun, dirt-loving dog into a clean animal once again. However, this service is only available in select locations.

However, Pet Valu offers grooming service in select stores so make sure to either call your local stores or go on their official website to find the locations that do ! Pet Valu grooming prices also varies by region and quiet often quoted by the individual groomer that works at the salon.

Dog Washes

Many people treat their dogs as a part of family often allowing them to sleep alongside their owners in the same bed. Nevertheless, dogs get filthy, which means that a professional cleaning is in order from time to time.  

This can actually be quite a challenge with smaller dogs, for example, who are frightened by water and bigger strains. Pet Valu offers some top-of-the-line shampoos tailored specifically for your dog. 

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For more information about Pet Valu, visit their official website.