Pet Valu Coupons

PetValu is a leading pet store specialist based in Canada, with some branches open in the north eastern region of the United States. They offer a massive range of services for all of your pet’s needs. They offer food toys and accessories for various types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and fish.

Another great thing about this retail chain is the PetValu coupons that are always on offer. They aim to reward your custom with great deals and offers, which make shopping there an easy enough decision to make!

Your Rewards Program
Pet Valu offers a great initiative known as Your Rewards Program. This is aimed at rewarding you in a number of different ways, and all it requires is to fill out an online form and before you know it you can start reaping in the benefits! You can also do this by going in store and asking one of the staff to sign you up for the program, and within 7-10 days you will receive your card.

This acts as a great Pet Valu coupon, the only difference is that you can use it repeatedly! For example, after you have purchased 12 bags of the same brand of dog or cat food, you will get a free bag for your returning custom.

You can also receive special monthly discounts if you qualify as either a senior or military servicemen, with 10% of all items on the appropriate date. This usually falls on the last Sunday of each month for Senior’s Day and Military Day.

Pet Valu Newsletter

The deals don’t stop there however, and by simply signing up for the Pet Valu newsletter; you can enjoy a great deal of special offers and deals. By simply filling out some simple details including you and your pet’s names and providing an email address, you are singing up to be the first to receive Pets VLau coupons and other deals and offers.
Just click here to sign up, and you will be getting great news, updates and promotions in no time!

Grooming Prices
Whilst not every store has access to a pet groomer, there are contractors in some locations, to find out, just call your local store to find out, or pop in and ask one of the staff members. The great thing about finding a groomer for in Pets Valu is that you will receive an individual quote depending on your pet (cats and dogs are most commonly groomed pets) and what grooming services you need – ear clean, wash, haircut etc. This allows for a lot of barging room when you get in contact with the groomer themselves, so make sure you play hardball, you may end up saving a penny or two!

For those looking to save even more money, there is a great method to gain some extra Pet Valu coupons with minimal effort. Simply look for third party websites that specialize on coupons and promotions, such as Bargain Moose. Take a look and see if any coupons are useful to you, it never hurts to have a spare one lying around – who knows when it might come in handy!