Golden Retriever Price

How Much To Shell Out For Golden Retrievers

In the event you have your eyes set on a Golden Retriever, you may have already asked yourself how much money you’ll have to spend on the pup? This article will cover a few of the options available at your disposition for purchasing a Golden Retriever, although you should always keep in mind that there are a range of other maintenance costs that should always be accounted for such as feeding and grooming.

Rescue Shelter$300-$400
Breeder $1000 and Up
-Easily Trained

Perhaps, intelligence is the inherent feature of these dogs already as pups that make them so desirable as pets. They are very easy to instruct and train. Also, please note that there are many different kinds of Golden Retrievers such as the English and American varieties, which are notable by certain characteristic features. For example, if you look at the face, you will see that the ears are on the same level as the eyes in English Retrievers. They also have shorter hairs, less density and appear plumper than the American ones.

Setting The Golden Retriever Price

Golden Retrievers tend to be more expensive than other breeds because breeding them is usually an expensive process. It’s not so much race but color that plays the dominant role in the ultimate price you’ll have to shell out on a Golden Retriever. Puppies’ prices, on average, begin in the several hundred dollars range. However, be careful! Many people advertise rare breeds of English Golden Retrievers that are “white”, giving the impression of true rarity, when in fact, they are classified in the same way as other “light cream” Golden Retrievers. The Retrievers do demand a higher price tag, but watch for the wording about a certain dog having a higher than normal amount of “white” colors.

Expect to pay around 300-400 dollars for a puppy taken from a rescue shelter. These often have a thorough medical examination done. However, be very careful of puppies taken from puppy mills, as they may come equipped with diseases that may become prominent later in life.

Most people prefer to buy these treasures at quality breeders who may charge $1000 and up for a quality puppy. The important thing to look out for is to check the quality of the bloodline. At this price, you will most likely not get a show dog, but will make for excellent pets.

Tips For Purchasing Golden Retrievers

• Is there any record for genetic testing?
• Do the parents of the dog have appropriate documentation as well?
• Is the buyer attempting to overcharge due to the light color of the dog?
• Is there a health guarantee offered?