Ragdoll Cat Price

The Ragdoll cat is an interesting animal with a large body and comparatively short legs when compared to other breeds. This is in fact the cat to get into the Guinness book of world records with men averaging 15 pounds, and females 12 pounds. One characteristic trait of these cats is their long and thick fur coat, which often resembles the Siamese cat. These furs also come in many different colors, such as seal, lilac, chocolate, blue, red, and cream. Lest we not forget about their beautiful, blue eyes which draws many owners to them.

Average Ragdoll Price$750
Show Quality Kitten
at Qualified Breeder
Shelter/RescueHard to Find
Pros-Very Social
-Likes Attention
-Not to be left alone due to social nature

As for personality, these cats crave attention, enjoy following their owners and will gladly play fetch with lots of activity around them. They tend to be laid back and are keen on observing the environment around them. Best of all, they make wonderful family pets that the children always love to have around.

The average Ragdoll cat costs around $750 and they are many variables based on where you will purchase your kitten, the kind of kitten you desire and caring for the kitten that took place before the sale. Show quality kittens from a qualified breeder are the priciest starting at $1500.

It is nearly impossible to find this pure bred cat at a shelter. There are a few Ragdoll rescue centers located around the country, but you will most likely only find older cats that come with many health issues. The best road to owning a quality kitten is to get one from a designated breeder.

Ragdoll Cat Price at a Breeder

When searching for a Ragdoll cat from a breeder, you will find a lot of variance in the price ranges. The average cost noted above is generally for domestic pets and take into account the breeder’s reputation, location and whether the cat was already neutered and spayed. You should always ask the breeder whether any sort of health guarantee is offered together with your purchase. These often come in the form of one-year guarantees, although the 2 and 3-year varieties are preferred. If anything should happen to the cat during this time, your purchase will be replaced or refunded. Naturally, this won’t occur if the problems occurred due to the owner’s negligence.

Remember that most breeders will not have kittens available all the time – and that’s a good sign. Breeding should never be done year-round, as that is very unnatural and the quality kittens often sell out very quickly. A breeder with many kittens is generally not a good sign.