Maine Coon Price

The Story of Maine Coon Breeders and Price : 
Right off the bat, you should know that although a typical Maine Coon price may seem most attractive at a pet store, this is actually one of the worst places from which to buy the cat. A large majority of these cats come from puppy mills or backyard breeders, where the kittens are bred in horrific environments.

Pet Store$400 - $1000
Rescue Shelter$150
Rescue Shelter - purebred$300
Rescue Shelter
over age of 1yr old

If you do decide to purchase a kitten from pet shops, be sure you are able to see the environment in which the kitten grew up first and find out about any potential illnesses noted by the breeder. You should receive some kind of certificate of health guarantee. Expect to pay on average anywhere between $400-1000.

Selecting Maine Coon Cats

The first step relies on deciding upon whether you want to get a show cat or not, as this is a strong factor that will affect the overall price. Whatever you choose, it is advisable to neuter cats at the age of 24 – 36 weeks to avoid the cat from wandering around and getting into precarious situations, as well as to prevent unwanted offspring.

At a rescue shelter, these cats will cost only $150 for neutered and spayed kittens and up to $300 for purebred varieties. Adults cost even less with only about $100 required for cats over the age of one and less for those ten years or older. The owners must also sign a declaration that they will take good care of the cat by providing it with adequate shelter, food, water, vaccinations, and essential veterinary care. Maine Coon Rescue center have now been setup all over the country and should be notified if there is evidence that a cat has been exposed to any inhumane treatment.

Avoid Backyard Breeders!

The worst place to buy Maine Coons aside from pet shops are through backyard breeders, which often take place in someone’s home. The appropriate breeding standards are seldom followed, as most of such breeders are simply hobbyists that are not affiliated with any professional associations. Often times, these kittens are already riddles with health problems that may take years to resolve.

The best decision you’ll ever make is to buy directly from Maine Coon breeders. Just remember to ask many questions and come prepared with a summary of things you’d like to ask the breeder before you jump in and make the purchase.

You should always get a glimpse of the actual breeding conditions and let your gut instincts decide whether the kittens look healthy or not. Check the eyes, tails, ears, paws, etc. for any signs of problems as a start.