Best Dogs for Senior Citizens

Best Dogs For Seniors

There are many great benefits for senior citizens owning a dog, most notably the ability to bring a lot of fulfillment, companionship and happiness, which can certainly wane in later life for many people.

Other than, having something that can help keep active and occupied from day to day is another great attraction for any elderly person considering getting a dog.

Even those who have owned dogs throughout their lives may not be able to able to provide the same level of care to certain breeds of dogs, especially larger more excitable types. That doesn’t mean you simply have to give up owning a pet when you enter your twilight years – it’s all about picking an appropriate breed for your age!

Check out some of the best dogs for Seniors ?


The Puppy Cut

This particular breed has become massively popular as a domesticated pet for centuries now, thanks to its cute and diminutive appearance. Very much resembling a cuddly toy, the Maltese provides a lot of manageable fun for an older person, with regular grooming a sure way to keep active around the home. At the same time, Maltese are a hypoallergenic breed results in them not shedding too often.

Their small size is definitely their biggest asset for being a companion dog for the elderly, as they rarely weigh more than 10 pounds and tend to only grown to 8-10 inches in height. This means that there is less concern for tripping over them or being knocked over.

Moreover the breed is naturally an incredibly loving and friendly, which can be exactly the type of thing a senior citizen needs.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier are perhaps the most well-known and popular small breeds of dogs out there, and have long been a favourite of older dog owners. Weighing roughly 6 pounds at their heaviest and rarely exceeding heights of 9 inches, this is a small dog that is perfect for the indoors and easy to keep track of.

Yorkies do not shed an awful lot, but will need a daily brush, but the introduction of daily routines into a senior citizens day can be a great benefit.

They will need a fair amount of training at a young age to make them easier to manage. House training doesn’t come naturally to these little guys, but can be taught over time. Attempting to create train a yorkie is well worth it for these reasons.

It may seem a lot of work for a senior citizen to train their dog to such extents, but it will provide them with a stimulating task that will take time to achieve and yorkies are easy enough to handle thanks to their size.

Shih Tzu

This small and adorable breed is so loving and affectionate that they have become the favourite breed of many people, not just the elderly. Expect a Shih Tzu to lovingly follow their owners around the home, so they make phenomenal companions and can provide amazing company for any senior citizens.

A small amount of grooming and walking each day provides plenty to do for any elderly owners, offering them a great reason to get up and active.