Owning a Siberian

Handy Things to know About Owning a Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is one of the more unique breed of dogs you could own, with plenty of quirky traits that set apart from your more traditional companion dog.

There is no doubt about the beauty of huskies, with their wolf-like appearance and pristine coats that come in an array of gorgeous colors including whites, blacks, greys, and browns.

They are also incredibly playful and kind-hearted, and have a natural affinity with the outdoors, making them a fine choice for families and individuals alike. They do however have some traits that when not properly managed, can lead to hyperactivity and a destructive nature. Combine this with their natural want to explore and run around, it’s clear that huskies are not quite for everyone.

If you are thinking of owning a siberian husky into your family, it may be worth noting a few things about the nature of caring for a husky and whether it is a suitable dog for you:-

Where You Live

As natural outdoor dogs, you will want to have a large home for them with plenty of space for moving around and exploring. This extends to your garden too, which ideally should be large and spacious for a husky to run around in.

A high fence may be a good idea too as they have a tendency for jumping over them, which is the last thing you want. This makes them less appropriate for apartment dwellers, unless you are within close proximity of a park or have no problem regularly leaving for walks.


There is no way of sugar coating this –huskies need A LOT of exercise. These guys where bred to pull sledges for miles at a time, so have bundles of energy that you will need to manage properly. Those who have any sort of ailment or struggles with physical activity are not best suited for this breed of dog.

Anyone who loves fitness such as running or trekking is the perfect match for a husky, as the dog will simply love working out with you. They will need daily walks of certain lengths to ensure they get enough energy expended, or they could become destructive.

Escape Proofing Your Yard

Another important tip, if you are considering owning a husky is that Huskies love nothing more than getting outside and exploring. Should you have a fenced yard, then you best prepare it for its inevitable attempts are re-creating the great escape. Fences need to be at least 6ft as these dogs can jump ridiculous heights, and they will need to be sealed at the bottom with wires or concrete so that they can’t dig there way under either – which they will most definitely try!

What to Expect From Walks

Simply put, don’t expect to take your huskie of its leash when going for walks or runs. As mentioned, a husky wants nothing more than to get out and about exploring, no matter how well-trained they are – it’s just in there nature as outdoor working dogs.

Tagging her with a microchip is advised for these reasons, as is getting a collar with plenty of contact information.