Making Your Pet Excited About Trips To the Vet

There are a large amount of pet owners whose pets get a little scared when it comes time for their pet for a visit to the vet. Despite the fact that during a visit to the vet, a pet

receives plenty of attention and lots of treats for being a good boy or girl, many get very nervous anytime their owners pull up to the vets office. However, these vet visits should not be such a painstaking journey for neither the owner or the pet

There are ways to make your pet more receptive towards a visit to the vets, and in no time at all you can have them excited about the prospect! All it takes is a few simple strategies to help your pet enjoy the experience:

Food Rewards

As with pretty much anything with a pet, using food rewards for a trip to the vet will always make them enjoy the experience that bit more. It works wonders to motivate pets for their next visit, and while vets always have a treat ready, you can bring their personal favourite to help make it that bit easier.

A great method to make sure they are really receptive to the idea of getting a treat is to avoid feeding them a large meal before their visit. That doesn’t mean you need to starve the poor guy, but a little less than normal will have their appetite growing just in time for the visit to the vet, meaning they will be thinking about getting a tasty treat rather than worrying about the vet!

Dry Runs

Many pets will show their nervousness as soon as you pull into the driveway of the vet’s location. A great way to get them used to be being around the vets is to take them on a dry run where you down actually go into the building.

Instead give them some treats and love in the car park so that they begin to associate it with positive experiences, making them less likely to get upset during their next vet visits , and potentially get them excited instead!

Ask for the Quietest Periods

Nerves can be caused by many things for pets, and being around other animals and loud noises can result in one scared pet at the vets. Should your pet be like this, inquire about the quietest periods for visiting the next time you are booking an appointment.

You could even make a phone call before your appointment to ask how busy the place is, giving you a better idea of when to head out. An empty or close to empty room can work wonders in calming pets that are nervous around other animals, and is certainly possible to find with a little planning ahead.


Medication for pets that have serious anxiety problems or are just terrible worriers is another method that is certainly worth trying out.

These should be left as a last resort of course, but there are certain medications that can help to calm pets down. Ask your vet about possible medications on your next visit if you have exhausted all other sources.