Dog and Cat

Cat Friendly Dog Breeds

There is a common misconception that cats and dogs simply cannot live together. This is actually far from the truth, as many pet owners have had a cat and dog co-existing with each other – some are even known to forge strong friendships! Truth is that there are quiet a few Cat friendly dogs.

However there are many examples of cats and dogs that could simply not stand to live with each other, as some breeds are just not appropriate to own when also having a feline friend around the house. Factors such as training can play into how well a dog and cat can integrate with one another, but it is always a good idea to know which dog breeds are cat-friendly.

Introduction is Very Important

cat friendly dogsBefore you even consider get a new cat or dog to live alongside your current pet, it’s important to understand that they need to be properly introduced. This should be done slowly at first and always under your constant supervision as some dogs may instinctively react to a cat as prey.

If you currently own a dog and want to get a new kitty, always be sure that your pooches training is on point and he is either sitting, staying or remaining on a leash at all times as this can make integration much easier for you and the cat!

Owing a cat whilst wanting to bring a dog into your home can be a bit more difficult, but it all depends on your cat’s previous interactions with dogs and other animals. Let your cat have their own space for a while so they can get used to the sounds and smells of the dog, whilst slowly introducing them so they become familiar with one another.

Always make sure the dog is on a leash for the first few weeks of interaction to ensure he doesn’t chase the cat.

German Shepard

What makes the German Shepard such a cat-friendly breed is their high intelligence. This breed loves nothing more than to be trained as a way of providing mental stimulation, and they take to training very well. They are easy enough to train and will look to their owners for cues on how to react to other people and animals, cats included – so as long as you are encouraging them to like the cat they should do so!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are amongst the friendliest and most loyal dog breeds around, and are perhaps the best suited dogs for families. Being great around kids and other animals in general makes them perfectly suitable to live alongside a cat.


A small and friendly breed, a Papillion loves nothing more than a company. They have no particular preferences when it comes to who their companions can be, and cats are certainly a suitable friend for them to live with!


Boxers are full of energy and always want to play, so if your cat is outgoing and loves nothing more than playing around too, then this can be a match made in heaven. However it should be noted that this is more suited for cats that enjoy attention, as solitary cats that ignore a boxer then It is probably best to avoid.


Pugs are so friendly that they really do love just about everything and everyone they come into contact with. They are even-tempered so should be much of an issue for the cat, and their playful nature makes them a great match for a feline friend!