Human Treats For Dogs

Human Treats That Are Safe For Your Dog

Providing a balanced and health diet for your dog is always important, but we all know how difficult it can be when you have a pet that is constantly wanting a piece of your food.

For the most part it’s easy to turn down the puppy dog eyes begging for another treat, with a handy doggy treat always a great way to keep him smiling.

Sometimes though, you just want to reward you loyal dog with a nice ‘human’ treat that he is constantly wanting a taste of, so throw him a scrap of whatever you are munching on. Knowing what’s safe and healthy for a dog to eat is important when treating our pet dogs to some of our own food, have look below to see safe, dog-approved treats you can hand out next time you get that look from your dog!

Peanut Butter

Human Food Your Dog will love
Human Treats For Dogs

When we think about a human food for dogs, the first thing that comes to mind is Peanut butter. One thing you will struggle to find in life is a dog that doesn’t love peanut butter. It’s the quintessential treat that has been used to bring a massive smile and a wagging tail to many a dog. Many actually use it to hide doggy medicine due to the natural fondness dogs have with peanut butter.

It also contains protein, healthy fats and a host of other nutrients that your dog can benefit from. Always opt for the unsalted varieties when buying!


Cooked chicken is another great source of protein, and you can easily throw some scraps into his bowl next time you are cooking one yourself. It provides some extra substance to a dogs dinner, and in those moments where you can’t find any dog food for your poor dog, chicken can be a fine substitute.


Now some dogs can be lactose intolerant, so always test the waters before giving your canine a cheesy treat. This can easily be done by providing you dog with small bit and then gauging how they react to it.

Always try to ensure the cheese is the reduced fat variety, and never give your dog cheese too regularly – the high fat content can add on the pounds in no time!


With plenty of fibre on vitamin A, your dog gets a good source of nutrition when munching down on some baby carrots. You can cut regular carrots down to size if you prefer, but the baby type is the perfect size for a dog’s mouth. Plus they are great for dogs teeth too – an added bonus!

Apple Slices

Another great way to give your dog’s dental care a good seeing to, sliced apples are a healthy treat every dog deserves! The teeth are cleaned when chewing on apples, removing the accumulated filth. Not only that, but your dog’s breath is given a pleasant odor to it too.

Fibre and vitamins A and C present in apples also offer some good nutrition for your doggy as well, not to mention the lack of calories. Be careful to remove seeds though, as you don’t want to risk any choking hazards for your dog.