So You Want To Be a Corgi ‘s Human

Welcome, Human, to Planet Corgi. Think about a few things carefully before you elect to stay a while.

Without a doubt, Corgis are one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world, quite possibly even rivaling the docile, loyal Labrador breeds for nonstop lovability. There’s just something about those busy little legs, perfectly foxy mugs, gorgeous ears and ceaseless “smiles” that induce instant melting of the heart.

All those adorable, endearing charms come in an easy-training, easygoing package with a lush dirt-repellant coat and a brain that we’re pretty sure rivals some lesser chess grandmasters. They’re unconditionally loyal and chill to other people and animals alike, but they can come with their challenges, just like any other breed…

They Are Talkers

Corgis seem to always have something to talk about. It makes them superb herders and farm dogs and very astute watchdogs. Yes, if they see anything out of the ordinary, they will let you know in no uncertain terms.

 To a Corgi, everything is out of the ordinary because they are so naturally perceptive. You’ll know if someone walks down the sidewalk. Your household will go on high alert if a cat wanders into the yard. If fudge the after-dinner treat schedule by 12 seconds or leave the toilet seat down, you’ll hear about it. They’re also especially chatty while playing – it’s the herding instinct, along with nipping at animals’ legs to keep them in motion.

 You’ll even note, hopefully with some amusement, that Corgis express themselves with some entertaining, opinionated variants on their barks, from woofs and grumbles to a Chewbacca-like medley of whiny grunts and some puzzlingly almost human-sounding songs of their people in between.

They Are Biters – Sort Of

It’s more accurate to say they’re “nippers” either at legs to get something moving in the direction it wants, though this can be trained out with some patience, or simple play-biting in puppies. Herder-nipping can be stopped in adults who do it persistently, though it takes longer sustained effort. Corgi puppies can take play-biting to extremes that need reined-in with consistent effort, sometimes over several weeks, if not longer. This can create problems in homes with small children or frail adults.

They Shed Alot

Corgis are a highly durable to cold, thanks to their weather-resistant double coats and particularly the especially dense undercoat. Shedding Corgis give new meaning to the expression, “Leave it all on the floor”: you won’t so much find clumps of shed Corgi hair as tumbleweeds littering your home. Truly, they leave their marks everywhere they go.

Brushing won’t help, as the shedding will only continue for as long as the undercoat remains, and light shedding will persist 365 days a year. There’s even pros and cons to the Corgi coat’s phenomenal tendency to repel dirt. Your Corgi will always look beautifully just-groomed and luminous with usually a single weekly three-minute brushing and baths strictly in emergency instances.

Brace yourself, though: when a Corgi picks up dirt, water and snow outside due to their low-to-the-ground bellies and tiny legs, they ultimately deposit it somewhere indoors as their coat shrugs it off.

No “Off” Switch

Your mileage may vary, but Corgis are almost impossibly energetic. A Corgi under two years old is a constant live wire even after hours at play or on walks. Be prepared to teach a firm command such as “settle” if you don’t want to become a tennis ball-pitching machine. Luckily, Corgis also happen to be downright suspiciously bright and quick on the uptake.

They Can Be Needy 

If you’re home, you are on the Corgi’s time. Any questions?

 They are – pun very much intended – social animals who don’t like being left alone when they know a human or fellow animal is near. Where you go, they want to go, and per their natural herding sensibilities, they like it when everyone is in the same place at once. When people scatter throughout a house, it can make them anxious or unhappy. Fortunately, they don’t develop separation anxiety when you are actually away, but Corgis can get restless quickly among families they can’t keep from scattering to all corners of a home.

They Are Extremely Smart And Extremely Pushy

If dogs ever overwhelm humanity and hold dominion over the Earth, rest assured a Corgi will lead the coup. They learn and train incredibly quickly, but that also means they have uncanny knacks for staying a step ahead of their humans. Your Corgi will quickly recall where you stash the treats, the best toys, the smells that suggest you’re cooking something that leads to being slipped a piece of chicken, or her realistic chances of outrunning you when off the leash.

Oh, by the way? They’re also bossy and stubborn enough to be demanding, hear “selectively”, nudge you with a paw or weapons-grade adorable nose for some timely petting, and even back-sass with their chatter. Owners who can’t take the lead and remind the Corgi who’s who can end up with spoiled pooches who just can’t be tamed. They’re sometimes not so much “obedient” as shrewdly, pragmatically cooperative.

Certain breeds are what they are – Corgis being chief among them. It sometimes isn’t so much ownership of a dog as getting along with the best roommate ever. They are independent, problem-solving little workers who love unconditionally, but will have you on the leash if you can’t remember who’s the human.

Would we change them for anything in the world? Not on your life.