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Cat Grooming Tips: How To Bathe A Cat With Minimal Fuss

One of the great perks of owning a cat is just how independent they are. They love to do things on their own, and perfectly happy when left to their own devices. This happens to translate into much of their grooming needs too,

as cats spend a lot time taking good care of their coats by cleaning themselves. This means you don’t really need to wash your pet too often, which is always a nice bonus for any pet owner.

Cats will occasionally need a good wash by your hands however, especially if you own a long haired breed. As anyone that has had the joyous experience of bathing a cat can tell you, it can often be a bit of a hassle due to the fact cats have a natural aversion to water. The last thing anyone wants when trying to wash their cat is to be covered in scratches, so here are some handy tips for making bath time for your cat far easier! You will soon be an expert in how to bathe a cat  !

Start Early

tips on how to bath a cat
start early

The simple truth is the sooner you start bathing your cat from a young age, the better. A kitten can become much more use to water having experienced it early in life, so always try to do so if your cat is young enough.

Prepare the Cat in Advance

The best way to prepare your cat for a bath is to give them a little taster of things before actually attempting any washing. Taken them to the sink or tub you will be bathing them in and let them play around in it with toys or a treat without any water. Let them get familiarize themselves with the area for 10 minutes or so, as it can help them feel more comfortable once you eventually wash them there.

After your cat is better accustomed to your washing area, fill a small amount of water into the sink so that your cat can get a feel for the water too. Trying adding in a toy or two to make them want to have a play around, encouraging them to be in the water whist having a little fun.

Have Everything Ready to Wash Them

The quicker you can get your cat washed and dried, the more enjoyable it will be for them. This is why it’s a good idea to have everything ready to go for your cat’s bath – avoid running around trying to find everything as you wash your cat as they are likely to find it unenjoyably being wet for so long.

Items to have ready include-

Rubber Gloves

Cat Shampoo – Never give your cat human shampoo as it can cause adverse effects to your cats skin.

Towels and Cloths – you can dry your cat with a hairdryer, but avoid if possible. The hot air can irritate or even burn their skin, so always use a cool setting.

A jug for water or a spray bottle – cats can be unnerved and distracted by loud spray nozzles, so be sure to find one that has a gentle setting.

Use a Towel to Distract Their Claws

Cats tend to sink their claws into your skin when washing them, which nobody wants to experience. To avoid this, a hand trick is to lay a towel down in the base of the sink so that your cat can sink their claws into the material and feel secure.

Hold Them Steady

In holding them in a steady position, you can wash them quickly and effectively, which will please the cat as much as it will yourself.

Sometimes you may need a friend or family member to gentle hold them down or you can try it yourself. Holding them by the scruff of the neck and gently speaking to them in a calming tone should make them feel better as your soap them up wish shampoo.

Constantly stroke them as you lather and rinse them to further reassure them.

Reward them!

Always give your cat a nice treat after their bath. This will help them to associate it as a positive experience, making them more open to it in the future.

And there you have it !  For Step by Step Instructions on how to fully Groom a Cat Click here