Pet Day Care

Pet Day Care: A Guide To When And Where To Enroll

Amidst the busy urban life, owners may either have limited amount of play time with their dogs or lack adequate space and resources for rigorous activities. Worry not, varied pet

day care institutions are there to help you out! With the proper facilities, staff, andprogram, they can provide your dog a one of a kind experience that can boost not just its health but also its social abilities. However, not all types of furry companions are suited for group play and not all existing day cares are worthy choices either. Let this article be your guide and answer to your questions as to when and where to enroll your dog.

Is my dog compatible to a pet day care?

There are various considerations that you may need to consider before deciding on whether or not to enroll your dog in that nearby day care you are interested with:

• Sociable and friendly towards humans and other dogs as well
• Confident even in the absence of owner
• Isn’t impulsive nor aggressive
• Comfortable in the presence of multiple dogs
• Does not have the tendency to escape or go astray
• None to minimal medical complications
• Energetic and has the endurance for active play

If all or most of these attributes are present in your dog, then it can potentially pass the screening process most day care will conduct before admitting new additions into their play group. You yourself must be able to assess the compatibility of your dog’s behavior with what pet day cares would usually require.

How can I find the best local pet day care?

To start off, you may refer to your local directory as well as consider advice from other dog owners or professional veterinarians. Upon securing a list, try to create background checks and evaluate the institution vigilantly. Here are a few guide questions you may use:

• Is the day care clean from any past record of dog injury or death?
• Do they offer reasonable rates alongside quality training schemes?
• Is their training crew skilled and knowledgeable in handling dogs?
• Is their facility spacious enough and well equipped?
• Are they open to particular instructions and compromises for dogs that have special needs?

How will they screen and classify my dog into a play group?

As a precautionary measure, credible day care institutions will conduct a series of observations and review your dog’s documents before accepting your application. This could include aggression and tolerance exams as well as the requirement of specific vaccinations. If your initially selected day care automatically admits your dog without any test at all, consider that a warning sign for immediate withdrawal.

After such screening process, your dog will then be matched with the most appropriate group according to the following criteria:

• Age – Younger dogs tend to be more active and playful than the older ones.
• Breed – The innate behavior of some breeds simply aren’t compatible with that of others.
• Size – You wouldn’t want your Chihuahua to be overpowered by a German Shepherd.
• Play activity and behavior – Energy levels and social skills of dogs will be matched for optimum play experience.

Depending on the prescribed hours of play time, you might simply be asked to pick your dog up after a certain period of time. You’ll know if your furry companion enjoyed his first session if its tired yet delighted at the same time.