Cat Owners Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions Every Cat Owner Should Make

With the New Year comes the annual tradition of setting a resolution, and in-keeping with that tradition, eventually giving up on it after a few weeks or months. Instead of setting an unrealistic resolution, why not treat someone else with your good intentions?

Cat Owners love nothing more than having their pet curled up in their laps and purring away, but we want you to do something extra special for your cat this year, because we know they deserve it!

Here are some resolutions you should try out with your cat and see how much happier they are for it!

Start to Really Pay Attention to Their Dental Hygiene

Cats are always at risk to a few dental issues, and these can be made worse by a lazy attitude from their owner. While its fine for a cat to have a smell to their breath after eating something, it should never be too pungent and nasty – if this is the case with yours, it could be in need of a dental check-up.

Unless you have perfected the act when they were a kitten, it can be difficult to brush cat’s teeth without issue, especially if they are fussy. Be on the lookout for any build up around their teeth, such as plaque and tartar, and any signs that they are having problems with their teeth, like struggling to eat without dropping food.

Take them to the vet if you are unsure, or if it’s just been a while since you have had their teeth checked. Also it’s never too late to try to get them to be more receptive to regular brushings!

Encourage Them to Be More Active

Cats can tend to get lazier the older they get, spending more time chilling on the couch with your than out exploring, climbing and getting into general mischief. With that being said, most cats still love a play around, so try to encourage their favourite activities.

Whether it is hunting, climbing or running around, there is a lot to keep a cat energised and excited. Set aside some time each day to play with them and keep them active, buying any toys that might help with this.

You want your cat to be in good shape to live a longer and healthier life after all!

Check Their Weight

It is recommended that you weigh your cat every six months if possible, but now is the perfect time for an early check-up on their weight and potentially their diet! Hopefully you know your cat’s healthiest weight (your vet can provide you with this info) and should they be too heavy or too thin, then you can take appropriate action.

Plump cats can be encouraged to get more active, but you should also take a look at what you are feeding them. Take into account things like age and general health and then see if you can make any changes to their diet.

Bear in mind that as a cat ages, the type of food that is most beneficial to them changes. Do a bit of research to find out what suits their needs!