Low Maintenance Dogs

Dogs are awesome pets. They are loyal and provide their owner with unconditional love, not to mention plenty of fun laughs whiles playing together. But for some people who love the idea of getting a dog for a pet, one thing holds them back – maintenance.

Whether it’s the thought of having to constantly groom their dogs or are constantly cleaning up hair from their shedding, the idea of spending countless hours catering to a high-maintenance pet can be incredibly off-putting. Yet this isn’t the case for every breed of dog.

There are plenty dog breeds that have surprisingly low maintenance requirements when caring for them, making them perfect for any would-be owners who don’t have the time to be constantly maintaining their dog’s appearance.

Check some of the most low maintenance dog breeds out there!


chihuahua First on our list for Low Maintenance Dogs: For starters, any smaller breed of dog will naturally be easier to maintain for the obvious fact there is less of it! So that make Chihuahuas tick a box already, and the fact that a short haired breed exists, that means you can spend even less time grooming and cleaning him! Opting for the long-haired breed will not add that much grooming time to dogs schedule either, so both are great options!

They are known for their large erect ears too, which do not need to be cleaned and checked too often.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle DogsThis breed of dog is on the bigger side, but thanks to a very short coat, grooming is kept to a minimal. This results in fewer baths and brushing than other breeds, which saves more time for playing fetch!

Australian Cattle Dogs also happen to be naturally very healthy dogs, so those annoying trips to the vet can be kept to a minimum.

Labrador Retriever

As one of the most popular family dogs out there, Labradors are surprisingly low maintenance, which probably helps the hectic day to day lives of your average family! Grooming isn’t needed too often thanks to the short dense coat present, making tangles non-existent!

The same goes for hair around the ears too, and other than giving the ears the odd clean to prevent infection, you can be safe in the knowledge that Labrador retrievers are really low-maintenance.



The dachshund coat is nice and smooth, meaning it won’t require grooming too often, and constant bathing isn’t an issue either thus making our list for best low maintenance dogs. All in all these little guys are perfect for those wanting a low-maintenance pet, although a few trips to the vet will be in order as they age, due to the back issues caused from their height.

Miniature Pinscher

Minature Pinscher Low MaintenanceAs the name implies, this breed is on the smaller side, immediately making it an easy to care for breed. Throw in the fact their gorgeous coats don’t require much grooming or bathing and you are onto a winner! Plus, a smaller dog means less money spend on food – which is an added bonus for any low-maintenance dog!